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In this article I would like to share with you information about how you can seKohn in the repair of apartments and houses. Here are a few concrete steps to achieve this goal. Will show how and where the customer can pay a premium and how to avoid it.

So, how to save on repairs? First we need to understand three things, not understanding which leads to loss of money.

Cheap Materials

buy quality, but inexpensive building materials. Ie not very cheap, but not too expensive. Let me explain why. Buying much cheaper building materials, you run the risk of becoming a hero proverbs « avaricious pays twice & raquo ;. Cheap – it is in Africa cheap. Buy low quality wallpaper for a penny, and hErez year will pay for the more expensive, as these have a missing or vzduyutsya. Buy low-quality plaster and the next year building materials supermarket visit again. In order to take this time something is expensive. In short, refuse unreasonably low prices, hoping to deceive everyone. Similarly, if you are not a millionaire, Refuse and from too expensive materials. Explain. Firstly, buying retail tighter plaster, no matter how much it was worth, you can still run into a fake marriage or. And this you can find out immediately, but after a time. Ie if chance among the cheapest materials to buy something quality is equal to 1% chance among the most expensive options buy something worthwhile and secure – not 100%, but just as little as 50%. That's why I highly recommend to pay attention on the middle option.

Self purchase of building materials

The second – procuring building materials themselves. Once you let the foreman or the company itself to do the purchase neois evenly tools and materials – you again overpaid about 10-20%. Each superintendent there « your dealer & raquo ;, which is in check with ease and writes that the bank should paint least 200 UAH., Although the price it 40. Remember that checks out of the shop did not speak about anything. Once you see the interest of the company to take up the purchase and etc.ostavku material is 100% proof that here on you want to earn. Unless of course you do not want to do it and ordered, you will have to take this fact for granted and do not take this as a hoax. After all, why would someone have to address the issue of free selection, procurement and delivery of all necessary on the subject? You causingWhether to repair the apartment only masters, not sellers and dostavschikov.


Third – Find professionals. Nor that it's not ruining the budget, as employed by amateurs. You can not what to overpay, you can not even finish the repairs this year due to lack of funds, all of which went toalteration, etc. dozakupku. things that can only arise when dealing with incompetent masters. For what is « amateur & raquo ;? It is not only too long process, it is also wrong calculation materials. Can be calculated in such a way that would be either too much residue, or a lack of will. And what if you do not have enough twosheets of drywall? Who will bring them to you home? No One. Have to spend on gasoline and drive yourself. Or what is the lack of bag fillers? Professional do not allow that his client was angry and overpay for stupidity contractor.

Personal incompetence

And in the end, you need to know more about one inHashem enemy – is your own incompetence. When you « not the topic » you just attracting those who so wants to pull out of you as much money. Do not be lazy, find out about the repair as much as possible. It's enough to the Internet. Anyone who knows a lot, it is difficult to deceive and mislead. Your awareness – Baw reliable assistant in economic matters.

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