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Let me give you a few tips that will help you quicklye to promote your business on repair of apartments. All tips are based on personal experience, the experience of friends, as well as personal observations from different areas of marketing and advertising.

Today I am a third year working for a construction company and more than 10 years in advertising and marketing. And I have accumulated enough information, which for many will beinteresting. So, what needs to be done as quickly as possible in order to unleash his company for the repair and start earning good money.


To get started, you need to drop all your thoughts and answer the most important question – how much you are competent to repaire. How much do you like this work. Because if you really wanted to do all my life programming, and only because of the money you want to do repairs – nothing will come of it. You can argue with me for a long time, but the time you anyway proves otherwise. Your business need to love, that's when you'll give him 24 hours a day,that in any case will lead you to success. Admit to yourself honestly – Is often knocks your heart, when a group of friends it comes to how the material is better to sheathe the wall in the bathroom, when it starts a dispute about what is best to buy slate. Yes I Do? Then we go further.

What to offer people?

If the first question you answered yes, then everything else you will be a force. And the second question is: « What do you want to offer people? & Raquo ;. In fact, it is a problem. Just say « I want to do » not suitable. You must clearly know what you know, what you do best andWhat is special about your offer. In other words, what is your team different from the team competition? Just do not these trite phrases « I do best & raquo ;, « I have a lot of experience » and « I have an individual approach & raquo ;. All this can be said of your competitor. Specifically, clearly bragging rights as it will not be able sdelamb none of your competitors. Complicated? You still have time to think.


The third piece of advice for those who do not know where to find customers for repairs. Enumerate – newspaper, free classifieds online, contextual and banner advertising, advertising on the forums, sundressesth radio, your site. Do not be lazy. For some reason many good masters lazy to make your own website. Only 20 people a day – this order in 2-3 month. For private painter plasterer – is a permanent employment for the entire season. There is no need to have 1000 people a day, anyway you can not handle! For subjects sufficiently repairfrom 20 to 100 people a day. For construction companies, of course, these figures have to beat more – from 200 to 1000 visitors per day may be able to provide the company with the work throughout the year. Unfortunately – repair of apartments – this is a seasonal business and you should not rely on the earnings in the winter. Therefore, try to earn as much as you can bolshe in the summer.


One last tip is about the seasonal factor. Than the builder or construction company to do in the winter? The fact that we can continue to carry out internal finishing work, but orders are usually extremely small. My advice is simple – Take care of those inWhat people need in winter. Do not waste your time and effort in finding customers for repairs in the winter. Costs big customers at this time is very « & raquo ;, arrogant and miserable wages. It is better to be engaged in that can really this time of year to bring money. This can be anything you want. I will not even give examples, the main thing that you did not make known ouiibku – repaired in the warm season, in cold – change the scope of activities. At the time, my friend spent three winters in a row without money. It was only when he took the idea that winter – leisure time and went to the market to sell winter clothes, his financial affairs were adjusted. I'm not saying that all ran to the market. You have to catch the very sube. Successful business you!

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