Skin types

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skin types

There are several  skin types, this are: normal, oily, dry and combined. In order to truly find your skin type, it is necessary to conduct the test. For this clean the skin by daily method and after hour, we impose on it a transparent sheet of paper:

  •     and if there is no any traces then your skin is dry;
  •     if there is fat in the nose, forehead, chin areas then your facial skin is normal;
  •     when the fat traces are on the entire sheet, then your skin is oily.

Types of the skin:

Normal skin.

It's healthy, fresh skin with no blemishes, it is usually velvety smooth and without large pores. Only from time to time before menstruation appear pustules. Since in this period increased the formation of hormones and this increases the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
During the day just wash your face with soap and ordinary water, bran, or rose water. In the evening, clear face with lotion, or toner, and apply a cream that softens the skin.

Dry skin.

As a rule, it is flaky, dull skin. Even in teenager on the cheeks, under eyes, the corners of his mouth, may seem wrinkles. If you have dry skin, most often occur pronounced capillaries, dry patches and redness.
This skin is in need of constant care. Because the sebaceous glands do not release the allotted amount of fat and the skin becomes dehydrated. You should clean the such skin with cream, then remove the rest of the cream with a tonic, for example, rose water or herbal teas. Soap can be replaced with oatmeal or almond flour. For this type of skin nutrition and protection are extremely important . Therefore, even in the evening did not go out without a pre-moistened face cream.

Oily skin.

This sleek, earth-colored skin. Because the sebaceous glands produce excessive fat grease, they make the skin very oily with large pores. And on this skin often occur acne, moreover, it tends to the appearance of the pustules. Oily skin should be cleaned more often than other types of skin. Since, most of all pieces of dust and make-up are trapped on it, clogging the pores, which then cases acne and pustules. For oily skin, a person should wash three times a day with soap and water. Use a toning lotion that increase blood circulation. Also it's necessary to moisturize oily skin, but only with low-fat moisturizing cream.

Combined skin.

 You should care for this type of skin as for 2 different skin types. Dry skin is traditionally located on the cheeks. An oily is usually lockated in the central part of the face, usually on the forehead, nose and chin.

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