Benefits of massage for body and soul

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The beneficial effects of massage on our body and on our psyche are numerous and depend on the type of manipulation we undergo, as each technique has different effects. There are treatments that are particularly effective in reducing stress and tension, others that improve our immune system, and still others affect organ function.

However, it is possible to find benefits that are common to most practices and depend on the pressure the professional puts on our body as well as the type of touch. Below we list the main positive effects of massage, which will surely convince you to take some stress relief during the week. By the way, if you are in Dubai and want to get a massage, then the spa near the hotel "JasmineSpa" will be ideal variant for you.

Skin Benefits

The most noticeable effect on the eyes is on the skin. A well-executed massage stimulates the connective system (dermis, skin and subcutaneous tissue), immediately freeing the skin of dead cells, and stimulates the pores, stimulating the ducts of the sebaceous glands, thereby regulating their secretion. In this way, the skin will again become radiant and supple and will be able to better absorb the oils and ointments used by the massage therapist.

Relaxation and reduction of muscle tension

The first impact of massage is definitely on our body as a whole. When we decide to rely on the experienced hands of a professional, we can relax and release all the nervous tension accumulated during the day, reducing stress as well as relieving muscle tension. With the right pressure and manipulation, our muscles will relax and get rid of contractures caused even by intense training. All this also has positive consequences for bones and joints, which will become more elastic, facilitating all movements.

The positive effects on our mind will also be huge, it will feel less blocked and more inclined to face the day in the best possible way. Remember that our body naturally releases chemicals like endorphins that help fight depression, anxiety, and pain, and a good massage is also the right stimulus in that sense.

Respiration and digestion

The positive effect on the respiratory system is associated with a reduction in stress and anxiety, which also allows the intercostal muscles and diaphragm to relax, improving breathing. As a result, there will be more oxygenation in the blood and the work of the cardiovascular system will improve even more. The increase in blood flow also affects the digestive system, improving the digestive phases and reducing the risk of gastritis. The intestines will also benefit, as massage stimulates peristalsis and reduces cases of chronic constipation.

Benefits for the lymphatic system

Direct manipulation of the body has an immediate effect on the stimulation of the fluids present in the body, stimulating the functionality of the kidneys. Waste and toxins accumulated in the body will be expelled when the lymphatic system stagnates and waste accumulates. In this sense, massage also affects cellulite pads, reducing them, as it enhances blood microcirculation. The immune system as a whole will benefit from this.

Impact on the cardiovascular system

Massage is also effective for the cardiovascular system, since it not only increases the amount of blood in our body, but also affects its quality. The flow increases, but the pressure on the blood vessels decreases, as does the heart rate, strengthening the heart. Consequently, more nutrients are delivered to the tissues, capillary dilation increases and blood pressure decreases.

Liberation of energy channels

In addition to the undoubted benefits for the body and mind, a good massage also helps to release the so-called energy channels that cross our body and which, according to some studies, also affect our emotions and even the functioning of many areas of our body. . The hands of a professional that act on the right points can help us release emotions, relax muscles and balance the flow of energy.

In conclusion, when we decide to give ourselves a massage, we not only see positive aesthetic changes in our body, but also help to strengthen the immune system, improve the functionality of organs, relax the body, and also lay the foundations for restoring the psychophysical balance necessary in order to better greet the days and reconnect with our emotional inner world.

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