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A game developer is a person who creates code, visualizations, and fun games. He also chooses the means to implement the tasks. This profession trains people who are interested in computer science. There are a lot of specialties in game development. In this article, we consider professions related to the development of games, find out their pros and cons, among foreign specialists about the wages of such specialists. By the way, the site contains a lot of interesting materials on the topic of game development.

General information

Game development is a complex process, it can involve one person or a large number of specialists. Each one takes responsibility for an aspect. You need to have programming skills for various platforms. You need to be able to solve non-standard tasks. The project must be different from the other by its originality. Among the advantages of the developer profession, it is worth highlighting the opportunity:

  • High profit payment.
  • Possibility of realization of creative ambitions.
  • A specialist can manifest himself in various fields of activity.

Despite the pros, reasons and cons:

  • The profession is highly competitive.
  • It is difficult to realize your idea, mainly it is the desire of the customer.

They also often "burn out" before the start of playing time.

We list the most common professions, without which it is impossible to implement a game project.

Game designer

This person creates the gaming universe. He needs to come up with a plot, characters, prescribe the world, fill it with many exciting things. The main task of a game designer is to create a game balance. Typically, the requirements are as follows:

  1. Work experience must be at least 1 year.
  2. The specialist must correctly formulate thoughts correctly.
  3. Requires creative and emotional thinking.
  4. Love the genre and the games themselves.

A game designer is not required to know programming languages, although this is very welcome.


In the game industry artists without impossible use. Today, a good specialist in this field can fully reveal his own talent. It is necessary to draw features, various locations, work with 3D graphics. In this area, people who can:

  • Draw by hand and on a graphics tablet.
  • Know a lot about modeling and work on animation.

These are the main results for an artist, but it will be difficult to achieve heights if you do not improve in your profession.

Map and level designer

This employee works through the world, reflecting exactly where and what is located. He creates the game landscape, prescribes the paths where the character moves. The need to have qualities:

  1. Have at least 1 year work experience.
  2. Know programming languages.
  3. Understand the development of locations, taking into account all the features.

There are few such vacancies and there is a big competition.


This specialist implements all the ideas of his team, writes the final program code. If this specialist is wrong, the game will constantly give you errors and crash. Collaboration only with people involved by the developers. To work as a programmer, you need the following skills:

  • Work experience of at least 1 year.
  • Have skills in working with the engine on which the game was created.
  • Know programming languages.

These professionals often work remotely.

Composers and sound engineers

Such people are responsible for the sound design of the game, they write music read out the texts of the characters. Without high quality voice acting, the project will not look perfect.

These professionals encountered all sorts of errors and various inconsistencies. They carry out a complete analysis of the project. Before a game is released, it must be tested.

The listed professions are in demand, but a larger number of specialists are usually used in the development of a successful project.

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