Study abroad: is it worth the risk?


Not a few of our students tend to enroll in the villageovolno popular educational institutions abroad. For example, Harvard or it can beat Cambridge, Oxford. Should not be limited by England. After all, in Europe as there are many good schools where you can get a high level of knowledge.

As for your child enroll in foreign educational institutions

Now of Pohorje about how to organize everything for their child admission to this institution. After all of the parents often strive to give our beloved children the best of everything. Nevertheless has its own little nuances.

The pass mark

First you need to dial the passing score, for example at Harvardit ranges from 600 to 800 balls on the test SAT, or rather of each section thereof. But this is only the beginning, as you need to provide a good essay and score on a rather difficult interview.


But there is no such requirement in all educational institutions, such as colleges: they like as lower levelsnude than universities, but at the same time at the end of koledzha otkrivayutsya pretty colorful prospects for further education. So we can proceed to college right after high school, say at the age of 17 years. Must pass all tests, preferably in fine, is also important in the English test. After all, this language will be trainedtion. If this bit upset tugovato not worth it, because in this case there are additional courses. That is ignorance of the language still does not mean that you will be denied.

Actually in college training to pass much more easily than in a conventional university. Since the main purpose of the university is able to train the most, so savedeniya such a plan does not seek to contain the lazy students. College on the contrary, is interested in the successful completion of training.

College like mom taught us to learn. Because teenagers do not always know exactly what they want to beat. He podgotovlivaet students to the university, which is why you need a visa otkrivat than 2 years, and three. Alsothere exists a system of credits, they are awarded after passing tests or ekzamenov. If the account is less than 15 credits a student can be expelled. On average this year of tuition and accommodation, including other expenses, college costs 16500-22000 dollars. United States, which is 2-3 times cheaper than in American universities, and even lower than in the Colleges of Canadas. Payment is made parts. Accommodation is usually paid monthly insurance - once a month, and training - for the number of courses per semester.

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