Repatriation by passenger flight transportation

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Repatriation by passenger flight transportation

Persons traveling abroad apply to insurance companies to protect themselves in the event of unforeseen situations. One of the clauses of the agreement is evacuation or repatriation. The victim in a foreign country or the deceased's body is transported home by ambulance and passenger flight. The need to evacuate a tourist to his homeland arises when he receives serious injuries, life-threatening diseases, exacerbation of chronic health problems. Clients located in Asian, European countries America contact the Global Voyager Assistance company with a request to arrange transportation on a passenger flight. If such situations arise, the optimal solution is to return home, ensuring timely medical evacuation.

Peculiarities of medical evacuation/repatriation by a passenger aircraft

GVA carries out emergency repatriation by passenger flight transportation from anywhere in the world, prepares the patient for transportation, and draws up the necessary documents to avoid delays at customs. The injured person or his companion should call the GVA operator, explain the situation's essence, and describe the patient's condition. Based on the information received, the company's specialists will determine the appropriate volume and type of medical services, prepare an evacuation. Regular carriage requires an agreement with certain airlines. The passenger plane takes off on schedule. Assistance book tickets for the next flight so that the insured can receive full-fledged medical care in a hospital environment as soon as possible.

For bedridden patients, unique stretchers, braces, cervical braces are prepared, and several places are bought out. If the need arises, resuscitation equipment is placed on board the aircraft. In-flight accompaniment in the form of a medical worker or a mobile team is also provided. GVA specialists offer highly qualified support at all stages of the evacuation, sometimes solving the most challenging problems when the time for making the right decision is limited. The injured person is transported by a passenger plane only after documentary confirmation by the clinic's doctor that the person will transfer the flight without significant threats to life and no complications. Organization of medical transportation includes the following conditions:

  • collection and receipt of documents for prompt, unimpeded transportation;
  • following the doctor's recommendation for the accompaniment and provision of medical services;
  • booking tickets and preparing transport stretchers;
  • transportation to the plane by ambulance;
  • lifting and placing the patient and accompanying persons on board;
  • medical support during the flight;
  • meeting the victim at the airport with his subsequent delivery to the destination.
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