How to boost your watch time and conquer YouTube searches?

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YouTube watch time

One important metric on YouTube is Watch Time. By the way, you can improve it with youtube watch hours generator. The dependence is simple, the more videos are watched, the higher it is in the search and, accordingly, in the TOP. Google has many algorithms, it can easily recognize whether the viewer likes the content or not. This is the principle of Google, the more interesting and popular the content, the more often it will take leading positions. 

How to improve Watch Time YouTube?

It's worth starting to improve Watch Time YouTube from the first impression. Add different pictures, thumbnail pictures, you need to lure the viewer to watch the video in any way. If you are no longer interested in the user, he will leave and close the video in 10-20 seconds. Why is this happening? It happens because:

  • The viewer did not find the information he needed.
  • The viewer didn't understand what the video was about.
  • The viewer distracted by some other video and much more.

In order to be in the attention you need to view and study YouTube Analytics on a weekly basis, a visual graph will give you the opportunity to understand the reason for the viewer's departure!

What to do with the problem on YouTube?

The splash screen or thumbnail shouldn't be long;
The subject of the video should be clear;
At the beginning of the video, say the important points that you will be reviewing;
Be sure to analyze your statistics and analytics.

How to make content on YouTube?

YouTube content is the most important parameter! Constantly learn and follow the needs of consumers. Watch competitors and the number of dislikes they have. You are the same spectator as the entire population, with your opinion!

Recently it has become popular to conduct live broadcasts! There is one big BUT, it will not bring you good indicators. Nobody will watch for so long, the broadcast on average takes 1.5-2 hours.

At the end of your video, it is advisable to show the viewer something similar. What for? The answer is simple, the viewer will quickly determine and prioritize between your channel and a similar one. If you do it right, the result will be great. Not only will Watch Time increase, but so will the demand for your channel.

Important! If a person has followed the link to your channel and closed it, this will negatively affect the video and possibly the channel.

Many views are above Watch Time. The peak of popularity of the video, the first hours of publication. If the video is decent, it will be in the TOP for a long time. Subscribers are the most important part on YouTube, the most interested.

How to increase views on YouTube?

  • Briefly and creatively explain why you need to watch your channel.
  • If you have a profile on social networks, be sure to leave a link in the description of the profile.
  • Unobtrusively remind the viewer to subscribe.
  • Respond to comments, communicate with your viewers and find out what they would like to see in the future.
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