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The main goal of creating the Prozorro system was the efficient, profitable and quick sale of the assets of bankrupt banks. A huge number of such assets was formed after the banking system in the country collapsed during the crisis in 2014.

The main criterion for creating Prozorro Sales was transparency and equality among all participants. If a liquid asset was sold, one could expect that it would be sold at a market price, and the chances of acquiring it would be equal for everyone who took part in the Ukraine auctions. After the new system has shown its effectiveness, it became mandatory in the sale of assets of liquidated banks and state property in general.

How does the Ukraine auction site Prozorro.Sale work?

The Prozorro.Sale system is responsible for the implementation of tenders, starting from the very first stage - posting information about the object of sale, and ending with information about the transfer of the object of sale to the owner of the auction winner.

The process of participating in auctions takes place with the help of official certified Internet sites, which are privately owned. From the very beginning of Prozorro, auctions aren’t carried out directly, the system is responsible for automating the entire process as a whole, and it also selects the winner automatically, without the human factor.

On all private official electronic platforms, the published information will be completely identical, since it is located in the Prozorro database. However, you can enter and see it using the capabilities of any platform.

Where can you get bid support?

What you need to do to take part in the Prozorro auction:

  • choose the object of sale that interests you;
  • familiarize yourself with the object and terms of sale, as well as the starting price;
  • choose an interesting internet platform for you from among the certified ones presented on the Prozorro website;
  • register on it;
  • express a desire to take part in a specific auction, and submit an appropriate application from your electronic office;
  • pass the qualification of a participant;
  • make an initial payment;
  • take part in the auction;
  • win it if you are satisfied with the price that will form during the auction;
  • pay the remaining amount and draw up documents for the transfer of ownership to you.

The absence of a corruption component and the publicity of the process makes the system attractive to an ordinary citizen or businessman. Thus, you can make a profitable investment.

Prozorro is an effective and convenient product. If this is your first time participating in an auction, then you will need qualified tender support. You can get betting support from experienced and competent specialists at Invest.ua. Professionals in their field will help the client to choose the most profitable object. Even those who participate in the auction for the first time buy profitable objects.

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