Toyota FT-EV III

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Electromobile Toyota FT-EV III

Toyota FT-EV III is a representative of environmentally friendly transport which works at 100% electric power.

Designed to drive at short distance, this small electromobile (EV) has an innovative body design that gives it a spacious interior in a compact package. The small size of EV. designed for people living in urban areas, FT-EV III is a compact EV convenient for driving on busy city streets.

Thanks to a new body design electromobile is not required an  engine. The interior cabin is surprisingly spacious for a car of this size and can carry four adult passengers. This is the future of electromobiles.

In the future, the optimal mix of energy sources and power units, as well as factoring in various combinations of transportation needs, will be crucial for the conservation, wise use of our limited resources. Among these options, Toyota believes that electromobiles are ideal for short-distance mobility in urban areas.

Toyota continues to research and develop appropriate technologies for the production of more efficient batteries, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of electromobiles for future commercialization.

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    mindy - 27.11.2012, 00:18
    It looks like mini cooper - very copmact and ecological.