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Ireland in the perception of the Russian people is associated with nYves Guinness and the Irish Republican Army, which has been a hundred years fighting for the connection of Northern Ireland, owned by the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland. Many Russians even believe that there is a permanent war, the signs of which are illuminated from time to time in our press under the guise of explosions, attacks on police, orBank Robbery — the main occupations of fighters for Irish independence.

Compounding all a matter of the fact that all the information component of the culture of this country, is distributed mainly through open throughout Irish pubs have become almost the only connection between the two cultures&Mdash; Celtic and Russian. And if you add to all this the reluctance of Russians spend their holidays on holiday on the Emerald Isle, the weather for the whole world which is known for its unpredictability, it becomes obvious that an Ireland we do not know almost nothing.

Perhaps only our fishermen know that it is thethis small island were caught planet.

There is one thing that does not play into the hands of our tourists who risked still visit the country. The fact is that in recent years, the Irish tourist companies have persistently stick out somewhat artificial attractions that and dostoprimechatetivity something can not be named.

Well, judge for yourself. There in the west of the island area, called Burrin. She is a former ocean floor. Here, take a look at the photo. He's the best. &Nbsp;

Do you see the contours of stone fences? So land owners share their territory. Actually, sama « land » is a stone, powdered wind-borne soil and manure, which grows here this sparse vegetation, which you see on the pictures. This withered grass actively feeding sheep, which are almost the only inhabitants Burrina other than their own masters. Every few kilometersthis place is worth the master's house, built in such a way as to be approximately in the center of « lands ».

Caves and castles

So, 20 years ago, one of the owners of the land, suddenly, found in its many kilometers of area cave. Whether the stone has fallen off, revealing astroke, or water to make its way out of stone — I can not say for sure.

The observed cave is a cave a few hundred meters in length, along which the brook. Savvy in the cave finder owner was apparently quite good, so he immediately built on this matter sufficiently profitable busiwith, telling everyone that in this cave he found the bones once lived in it a huge bear, and even showed interested some bones in one of the corners of the grotto.

In general, I will not go into a long story. I'll tell you what's going on there now. &Nbsp; &Laquo; Cave Bear » is aamym popular destination with tourists throughout the Burrina. And if people do not care what the bears do not live in Ireland last few thousand years, and the entrance to the cave is generally open only 20 years ago — Tourists still aggressively go there to stare at someone's bones in a corner of the cave forever crude. Moreover, they bring them back travel agencies,receiving supplies from the cave tourists good financial appreciation from the host. Of course, around « Cave Bear » already long ago built a restaurant and hotel, and riding there are people for some reason, do not pay attention to anything megalithic dolmens, which Burrine full.

None of the castles, whichBurrine also missing. And dolmens and castles are just the true story of Ireland, which would have been interesting to absolutely any tourists who visited the country, but due to travel agencies, tourists see only what they show.

So, conclusion suggests itself: if you want to know the country, the postaraytes critical attitude to the advice of travel agencies, and, before you go, find out what's on there you can see. Fortunately, the Internet now available to almost everyone.

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