Rest in Crimea. The city of Sudak


For most people, summer vacation is associated with relaxation in Crymu, but not everyone knows about this wonderful, small resort town of Sudak, which is located in the south-eastern part of the Crimean coast of the Black Sea. Rest in Sudak is gaining more and more popularity and gradually wins the title of one of the best resorts in the Crimea on a par with the Yalta and Alushta. When planning a vacation immediately raises the question of the choiceD property, because successfully selected   housing one of the main components of a good holiday. How to successfully choose a look at below.

Nature & Attractions Sudak

The climate in Sudak very nice to relax, soft, hot air temperature is stable. &Nbsp; Sea early warming, which allows forOpen on the swimming season in late May.   The main attraction is Sudak Genoese fortress, which was built in the eleventh century and survived to this day. &Nbsp; Just Sudak is famous for its unique beaches of quartz sand. In Sudak as there is a Dolphinarium, where will enjoy their performances of dolphins and seas seals not only children but also adults. In Sudak Dolphinarium surcharge you can swim with the dolphins. One of the most visited places after the Genoese fortress is, of course, Sudak water park, where you can find unique water attractions for both children and adults.
In Sudak offers the widest range of nredostavlyaemyh   services.   It rides on beautiful mountain trails. &Nbsp; A lot of excursion destinations of all the attractions of the Crimea. In Sudak you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of various mountains, plains, and of course, the Crimean wine. Sudak is one of the main   centers   wine-making. Everyone knowswine Black Doctor and Black Colonel, who received worldwide recognition, produced in Sudak region.   In Sudak you can not only visit the factories for the production of wines, but also to participate in the tasting of different varieties of   wines.

The origin of the name of the city

There is an opinion that the title ofkind was the name of fish « zander » or vice versa from the city's name was the name of fish, but this is a misconception.   The city's name was changed many times in ancient times, the city had different names, such as: Sugdeya, Surozh, Soldayya and extant Sudak. &Nbsp; This name the city received when the Crimea was Headoёvan Ottomans   and it sounded like Suvdag that in Turkic means suv- water dag- mountains.

The choice of housing in Sudak

What many in Sudak so this property! Everyone can choose accommodation to your taste and budget. The main activity of the inhabitants of Sudak is a hotel business. Anyone with est least one spare room, trying to provide the services of the tourists.   Leisure offer their services different hotels and guest houses. Recently gaining popularity guest houses. Many people think that the hotel and guest house are the same, but it is not. The main difference from the guest house hotel is a small toamount of residential rooms and thereby less crowded and bustle, the comfort of home. The main advantage of the guest house is the lower price compared to hotels because of the lower costs of staff and low cost of maintaining a home that makes it comfortable to rest with dignity and family at an affordable price. The owners of the guesthomes are often among the travelers as guests, not as clients, thereby creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for relaxation. Better and more convenient to choose the accommodation via the Internet, discuss everything down to the smallest details with the owners of the house or hotel. Before you book your room on the internet be sure to ask the exact address of the house and Photography Photographers Photographyphy with a view from the windows and the house itself. Just ask for a discount on room rates if you book for a long time, in most cases you will make a discount. Just learn the distance from the sea in meters, as the majority of hotels and guest houses provide distance information to the sea in minutes and distance is short this concept is very loose. Atchoice of housing in Sudak pay attention to the area of ??the city, the most comfortable, clean and with excellent views of the area is considered the Genoese fortress and district cypress alley. In the area of ??the water park, you can find accommodation at a reasonable price, but you have to sacrifice the view and lots of people in the area. In the city center, you can rent an apartment in high-risehomes, but the distance to the sea is more than two kilometers. Good rest in Sudak!

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