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Why seemingly ordinary consumers to know the details manufacturedeniya laminate flooring? Suffice promotional information about his positive qualities and minimal knowledge about the care of these floors. Perhaps a better understanding of the device laminated boards and the principle of its production will be useful is in the process of exploitation of sex. When you are fully aware of what is afraid of this stuff, and that mozhet quietly move without compromising strength and appearance, taking care of them will become more literate.

Appearing as a floor covering in the European market in the 80s of the last century, laminate quickly embraced his presence all the continents. Got this material its name from the method of processing of the upper layer (laminam - short for « laminate »). Initially, the cost of laminate flooring was quite high compared to current prices. Only a few decades have made it possible for the user for the floor without much damage to the family budget.

Production of laminate

The production of the laminate is carried out in several stages. The principle of the manufacture of the plate consists of a compound of four layers of laminated boards together. The most common technology on which make this material, called a process of direct pressure. The carrier plate together with a stabilizing layer, decorating goodsmagoy and the surface layer is compressed at high pressure and temperature. Stove-base can be made of different materials, but the best performance is high density fiberboard -   HDF. Raw materials for its production of wood chips is steamed and cleaned of impurities. She recyclesXia wood fiber, which in conjunction with various resins, and preservatives paraffin compacted in a perfectly flat plate.

In order to achieve better adhesion to the adjacent layers, bearing plate carefully polished. Impregnation with melamine resins leads to a very strong pasting layers when heated. Berhny layer has additional impregnating alumina or corundum. This process is responsible for durability of the coating. The greater part of the alumina layer comprises an upper, the more resistant to abrasion. Such a laminate member of the class of higher and can withstand considerable physical load in the form of pressure and friction. Decemberoriruyuschy layer kraft paper, is responsible for the appearance of laminated boards, texture can transmit a variety of natural and artificial materials. Quality image transmission such that it can be difficult to distinguish from the real imitation material.

Four-layer laminated panel under pressure rather Mr.edolgoe time from 30 to 60 seconds, but it is enough that the temperature is about 300 degrees and a pressure of several atmospheres to weld them into a single monolith. Followed by cutting a whole plate on separate panels. Milling sides with boards ensures the production of locking systems, with whose help laying laminate . Finished panels are packed in bundles, provided with the operating instructions and are sent to the buyer.

Technology of the laminate does not stop in its development. Innovative design, which did not stop to engage the leading manufacturers of this material for flooring, aims to makee laminate even greater strength, water resistance and other properties that make this floor so comfortable and unpretentious.

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