Laminate WITEX: Benefits and Features of laying

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The company became WITEX nervym manufacturer in Germany, started its production in 1991. Firm manufacturer offers a huge variety of laminate, which is made   with the use of innovative technologies. Their efforts to improve the company helps laminate manufacturing new types, so that the products of the company are in greatoh popularity among clients of the firm. The consumer, once bought a laminate of WITEX, and in the future will use it, appreciating the benefits of floor covering. So the company is a market leader, ahead of the next client.

The advantages of laminate WITEX

InUnlike other manufacturers, the company manufactures flooring is a mixture in which ninety percent of the tree, so the laminate firms are sustainable, and safe for the youngest members of the family – children. After the end of the life of the laminate, the company takes their products for recycling, being edinstvennoy processing company in the world own laminate. Through the use of innovative technologies laminate WITEX will fit in any room, even visited by a large number of people. In addition, the laminate is not afraid of water, and do not spoil   spilled glass of water on it, everything else laminate mufflesounds a walk. Reasonable prices for the same laminate company WITEX allows almost everyone to find the right products for yourself.

Features laying laminate WITEX

Laminate WITEX fit using glueless system WITEX saving, both time and money to buy glue. Mouthabsorber placed di- such laminate easy to install it can be trusted as an expert, and. Laminate best laid on a completely flat surface that best align with special mixtures. Before you start laying the laminate, you must make the necessary measurements of the room, knowing exactly how much you will need Napolition of the coating. Experts advise to buy a laminate with a reserve, because in the process of cutting, the board may be damaged, and if such a laminate colors and textures ended in the store where it was bought, repair work may be suspended indefinitely.

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