Sand bath

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Sand bath

Everybody knows the benefits of a sand bath. During a beach vacation, do not miss the opportunity sometimes to dig into hot sand. For this procedure in the medical centers take a lot of money!

Treatment with a hot sand in modern medicine called arenation. The name comes from the word " sand" in Greek. This method is currently used in clinics and in beauty salons. The sand helps to combat cellulite and other skin irregularities. Also, sand baths are shown to people suffering from obesity.

Hot sand improves blood flow to organs and tissues and increases metabolism in the body. Taken together, all this has a great cosmetic impact. Do not forget that during the adoption of a sand bath body will lose minerals, which means that you will need to eat more fruits and berries. Choose citrus fruits, kiwi, melons, watermelons and any berries.

The procedure is following: a person buried in the sand at a temperature about 50 degrees. The hands and feet covered with sand at 10 cm, and body - a 5-6 cm abdominal and heart, and head should be left open. She cover her head with a handkerchief or a panama. Duration of procedure is about half an hour. An hour before taking sand baths it will be useful to eat a dish made of gourd, which helps to eliminate the extracellular fluid. But after taking a sand bath you need to fill the loss of fluid. To do this, you will need to drink at least three glasses of pure water.

With sand you can treat: spikes, varicose veins, swelling of extremities, sciatica, arthritis, neuritis, arthritis, gynecological disorders and rheumatism.

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    Sand, water and air are our best friends.
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