Will be sold in Ukraine Citroen C4L Sedan?

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In 2011, in Ukraine, began selling the Citroen C4 and from that moment, he just won the hearts of many fans of the French brand. Indeed PSA Group has introduced a very strong player in its class, and French designers have tried simply to fame. Car got a very bright, slightly aggressive appearance, which allowed him to usesuccess as the female and male audience. The car has inherited much from its predecessor in terms of C4 units and units, however, the car's interior has undergone maximum changes. Through the use of expensive materials, the front panel and the console can compete with such expensive brands such as Audi. In Ukraine, this modelstarted to sell, having in the arsenal of only two petrol engines 1.6-liter, single capacity of 110 l / s he inherited from the previous design, and the second 1.6 VTI capacity of 120 l / s - a joint development with concern PSA concern BMW. After a year of successful sales, the French joined the set of engines diesel version 1.6 volume.Still later, on sale there Citroen C4 with a new diesel engine, made by technology e-HDI. Depending on the engine installed in cars Citroen C4 is equipped with three types of gearboxes – five-speed manual, automatic AT8, improved AL4 and six-speed robot.

The Ukrainians come to love so beautiful car, but there is only one very big disadvantage - this model is only available in hatchback. According to statistics, more than sixty percent of Ukrainians would give their preference sedan. In 2013, the PSA Group engineers decided to remedy this disadvantage and constructed a Citroen C4L Sedan. From the first minutes of its appearance, the car like motorists in many countries around the world. Retaining all the features of the exterior of the Citroen C4 hatchback in the back, the car was harmoniously merged with the features of a body trunk. Motorists appreciatedThis increase of useful space in the vehicle. received two gasoline engine of 1.6 liters, a 1.6 VTI capacity of 120 horsepower, this engine is placed in the Citroen C4 hatchback in the body, as well as turbocharged 1.6 VTI capacity of 150 l / s. The new factory which started to build this modification C4Located in Russia in the city of Kaluga. Cars since March began, quite successfully sold in the Russian market. However, Russia is now a diesel version of the car is not yet available. Russians have been able to appreciate all the advantages of the new Citroen, but when will it be able to do this and Ukrainian fans of the French maRCTs.

In this regard, the Ukrainians suffered a great disappointment, because maybe because of the introduction of special duties, maybe because of the recycling collection company Citroen Ukraine suffered a presentation and start selling Citroen C4L Sedan in Ukraine undefinedny time. This is of course a great disappointment, but there is one positive thing in the postponement of car sales in Ukraine – it is possible to obtain Citroen C4 sedan with diesel engines when the car still will enter the market of Ukraine.

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