Curtains for the bedroom: how to choose?

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Curtains for the bedroom

The image of any residential interior depends on those things that are customary to decorate a finished room. Therefore, with great attention should be paid to the choice of textiles for curtains, because with it, a room can be transformed from a mediocre to a more attractive one, and also, to correct some of its shortcomings.

Together with Hackrea Design we suggest to plunge into the world of design of curtains intended for a bedroom and finally determine by what rules the selection of curtains takes place in a particular case.

If we talk about textiles, it often happens that a domestic manufacturer is not much inferior to a foreign one in the quality of its products, but the cost of fabrics is several times lower. If you want to somehow save on the purchase of curtains, we recommend choosing a fabric at a price more affordable for your wallet, but you should not save on sewing it.

Identify needs

It is no secret that women are often occupied with window curtains, and the strong half prefer to step aside by all means possible from the process of choosing fabrics and their subsequent hanging on the ledge. Be that as it may, this fact has not yet forced anyone to reconsider the need for curtains in the bedroom, since everybody needs to isolate the bedroom space from prying eyes or excessive sunlight from time to time.

If you value your privacy and do not agree to flaunt everything that happens in the bedroom, take care of good, dense curtains that will provide the necessary protection from prying eyes in the evening, and complemented with tulle - in the daytime.

Even if the windows of the neighboring house are at a sufficient distance, there may be an urgent need for high-quality protection from the sun, the bright rays of which can also bring many inconveniences. In this case, the usual functional curtains and tulle may not be enough, so we recommend installing additional Roman, Viennese, French curtains or bamboo blinds.

It should be noted that the curtains can be both functional and perform a purely decorative function. For example, in the bedroom, where blinds were originally installed on the windows, a neat curtain, picked up by brushes made of dense or translucent fabric, can make a cozy room. Also, this option can be used if there is no need for a dense window curtain: for example, the bedroom faces the north side or the opening is small enough.

Consider the location of the room and its size

So, we have determined that the side to which the bedroom windows face is crucial when choosing curtains, as well as your preferences regarding the need to hang them.

Now we note that wise use of textiles is sometimes hindered by inaccurate ideas about the real possibilities of space. So, in a room with a small area, the same mistake is often made: too dense, densely draped curtains are used with many additional decorations, while the bedroom looks much smaller and worse than it might seem.

Based on this, we conclude: in a spacious bedroom you can and should hang luxurious curtains, and supplement them, if desired, with tassels, a thin lambrequin, and thick tulle.

In a small room, all these tricks will turn out to be superfluous, therefore, it is worth restricting yourself only to functional curtains and a light air curtain. At the same time, do not try to “close” the window opening too much, everything should look proportionate.

Choose the right height

Here we are talking about the correct location of the cornice, to which the curtains will be attached.

A room with high ceilings has great advantages in comparison with standard dimensions. In such "tall" rooms you can afford a lot of the actual design of the curtains. For example, hang curtains with drapery, large patterns, lambrequins or large cornices; emphasize the height of the room, using it to showcase luxurious textiles.

But, nevertheless, there are still rooms with high ceilings and a small total area. In this case, you should not experiment with bright colors and an abundance of decor for curtains, but rather choose neutral fabrics with a pleasant flowing texture.

If the walls of the bedroom are of a standard size, but you want to slightly “raise” them, use the ceiling cornice (or ordinary, but mounted as high as possible), and let the curtains only slightly touch the floor. If this is not done, the room will seem even more squat.

Think of harmony in the interior

As has been said before, the bedroom is a very special place, and most of you will most likely choose a quiet range for this room, pleasant natural materials embodied in a restrained but elegant interior design.

When it comes to choosing curtains, some difficulties arise, because you want to somehow highlight the bedroom without leaving the context of its image, but not everyone can do this. An experienced and knowledgeable specialist in the field of curtain design will help you use the right fabrics in the right ratio to come to what the interior was created for - to harmony.

Match your choice with interior styling

Continuing the theme of the harmony of elements in the interior of the bedroom, we want to recall the importance of the presence of a specific style, which leaves an imprint on the main and secondary content. So, in a classic bedroom, it would be appropriate to hang light neutral curtains with pickups and a delicate floral fabric pattern. The pronounced classicism in the room will approve the use of pelmet in the form of "shells" framing the cornice, but in the modern interior such an abundance of drapery will be unnecessary and ridiculous.

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