Minecraft Pe: why it is better than the PC version?

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Minecraft Pe

This year, the portable version of Minecraft beloved Minecraft outperformed the PC version of the game. In this article we will explain what is the reason for the popularity of Minecraft: Pocket Edition and what it surpasses the "full" version. Well, farther, we will examine the features of the game and find out what Maps for Minecraft Pe looks like.


Most likely, many are not aware that Minecraft PE is not an ordinary port of the game from PC to mobile platforms. No, the developers rewrote the game code in C ++. As for the computer version, it is known to be written in Java, which regularly leads to various bugs. For this reason, mobile Minecraft boasts better performance - it not only loads faster and requires less resources from hardware, but also has integrated shader support with a more advanced lighting system.


In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, you can play through the gamepad without any third-party applications, but the PC version of this feature is not officially provided.

Maps for Minecraft PE

A map is a level of a game created by regular users and fans.

The levels are divided into several types, depending on the selected gameplay. These can be maps for passing, survival, parkour, horrors, PVP and various mini-games. Some popular types of maps for Minecraft Bedrock were imported from PC versions, because on a smartphone it is very difficult to make big worlds for adventure.

The most interesting are the buildings on which you will find various buildings, castles and even entire cities for Pocket Edition. Exploring these buildings is a pleasure, especially if you encounter extremely unique and useful things.

Dedicated Servers

On the PC version, players have to raise their servers, but in the Pocket Edition official dedicated servers are provided. You can play them with your settings by creating a private server for friends. The best part is that dedicated servers are included in the price of the game - you do not need to buy anything separately.

Modding platform

Yes, there are much more mods on PC, but the modding platform in Minecraft: Pocket Edition has several advantages. It is included in the game client, the modifications themselves are installed literally with one click, and all the mods are also checked for viruses. In addition, due to better optimization, the local mods will not affect performance, while on the PC some modifications may not be compatible with the latest versions of the game.


It is for Minecraft: Pocket Edition that updates and beta builds most often come out, while the resulting patches usually appear on the PC. However, they come out with a delay, because developers need to rewrite part of the new code from C ++ to Java. At the same time, it is important not to forget that in Minecraft: Pocket Edition you can play on PC, but only with the Windows 10 operating system installed. If you are interested in this game, we will study it in more detail in the near future. It will be interesting to discuss it in the comments.

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