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One of the traditional materials for creativity have dried plants, straw. Nature gives us a diverse material. From Malinkih plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, plants can create amazingly picturesque decorative pattern, and if the effort that these pictures could be a work of art. Technique of making things using natural material called a florist.

How to start a creative process?

Begins the creative process with simple things: developing small applications, fairy tale characters, little stories. Further work is complicated. The children learn the rules of composition, rules of combination and ratio of colors. With the increasing complexity of the work is increasing creative interest. From the teaching of songs from the dried flowers are moving to to createllazhey seed, grass, bark, leaves. And we see a moment set sceneries come alive. Even the plot can be made original. Such activities bring joy to those who make them and those who see these works then. They are alive and unique. Works with natural materials is very popular. According psihologi, they carry positive energy. In terms of economic costs, these works do not require large funds. Just have to go into nature and find something interesting and unusual.

The correct selection of materials

, or rather their selection, is another driving force behind the development of creative abilities children . As usual in the Maple Leaf see firebird or girl - Kalinka. This work is a great engine of fantasy thinking.

Gold straw

Straw - this material we can say - the usual rubbish. But if the right approach to this material, that is,you can create on the amazing things that shine in gold, bear the heat and beauty.

Application of straw is one of the most interesting types of work. Children with great interest, enthusiasm working in this technique. Why is that? So quickly see the results of their labor. How, from virtually nothing, the whole masterpieces are born. ANDMaterials need to work a little bit: straw, glue, cardboard, scissors. In the work with straw used methods of active learning, they encourage the initiative, helping to significantly increase the cognitive activity of students, provide a high level of teamwork and teacher children . The methodactive work search, the initiative helps create beautiful work, which is going all the warmth of the summer sun. They seem to radiate sunshine. According to my observations during children forget about all the problems. In their souls settles good.

What do I need to prepare for?

To workIt requires not a lot - right to prepare the straw. These three ways: dry, hot, boiled. Dry - when straw smoothed wooden ruler. Boiled - straw boiled in water. Hot - straw iron hot iron. This is the first stage of the work. The second - the selection drawing, drawing and composition sketch. In this figure beginsJob. Application is made in two ways: flat or volume. Flat - this is when the picture is laid out strips. The bulk - it is also drawing, but made way imposing one part to the other. This type of work has taught many children to perform wonderful songs that have become trim ands homes or unusual gift, made their own hands. This creativity. The ability to do anything of beauty.

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