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The school reflects what is happening in the country. Modern life - a littlediscontinuous flow of information, and in most cases, disordered, chaotic. Man must not only accept it but in a certain way to systematize. The same requirement is put forward and thinking - it should be logical, because without proper justification or that thoughts are not compelling enough for others.The ability to meet all of these requirements are the result of long hard work that should start from school years. For more information on the principles of logical thinking in children can be found on the site .

What is the main objective of the initial level?

The main objective of the initialfirst time a modern comprehensive school has what it takes to provide the conditions for intellectual, social and physical development and teach samorazvivatsya each student. Therefore, it needs to implement the updated content directly to all educational programs, methods of conducting lessons, as well as forms of educationalof the educational process that pulls the humanization of education centered on the child and.

The problem of thinking - the most pressing

The problem of educational psychology of thinking - one of the most important. It is organically linked with the problem of assimilation and application of knowledge by students. Nameswith the help of the mental activity, students acquire knowledge and new ways of action.
The fact that the attention and memory of children should be developed that does not require evidence. But how to do it?

Logical thinking (the ability to think) is of great importance not only for mastering the curriculum, but also with the ability tochange this knowledge in solving both standard and non-standard tasks. In the process of school children's thinking continues to evolve, it becomes the main feature of the focus on the mastery of knowledge bases.

Many researchers argue that the child thinks in images, sounds, colors. Child thinkinginterpreted (and treated until now) as a visually - effective and visually-shaped, and the logical forms develop in children at later stages of education.

To develop logical thinking is necessary since high school!

One of the most important tasks of school curriculum - students develop logical thinking. In contrast tot practical thinking, logical thinking realized only verbal means. It happened in the development of human intelligence, she thought, to select and apply to a particular problem known to her rule. It has the necessary links to compare and distinguish between similar items. This is an extremely complex form of mental activity, and beforethe child learns it, it allows a lot of typical errors for schoolchildren. They find themselves in the children's meditations; and depending on what the child learns the concept and how it is used, it develops the nature of the construction of logic judgment.

That math gives probably the best material for the development of attention and logical myshlenand I. Math lesson in the school have to ensure mastery of skills needed in everyday life and sufficient for successful mastery of other subjects and ensure continuity link with secondary schools.

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