Tools and gadgets for opening locks without a key


Wipes For many people opening the door without a key is a sacrament "in the spirit of the tricks of Copperfield". Only some have a detailed idea of ​​how and by what this is done. And only units have such skills perfectly. As part of the article, we will discuss the tool for opening doors (lock picks) and how it is used by professionals.

The myth of tools and gadgets for opening locks

There is an opinion that intelligent opening locks require a lot of sophisticated tools, which is virtually impossible to get, not to mention making it on their own. In fact, this is in the wrong place. According to locksmiths themselves, most mechanical closing devices can be opened using conventional household appliances and tools, which are not even specially processed.

Of course, in good hands, even a normal knitting needle will become a better sweeper, and vice versa, the most modern set of handles is useless in the hands of an amateur.

For rough breaking doors, skills and abilities will also be needed, because in order to deftly pull the door leaf without leaving unnecessary damage the necessary skill. Not to mention the work with gas welding, Bulgarian and others. In general, as joking specialists, tools and devices should be added hands, "grow from the right place."

Tool for rough cracking of locks

a tool for rough door opening Tools for locating locks, the so-called coarse method, can be found in the pantry of each good owner. In this case, such a simple tool reveals 80% of locking devices. And if the door leaf is not of the highest quality, then you can overcome almost any castle. What are these tools?

  • mounting;
  • pliers;  
  • cleavage key;   
  • large flat screwdrivers;   
  • pliers;   
  • nippers;   
  • hammer;   
  • corner;   
  • chisel, etc.

Tool for manipulating the opening of locking devices

For manipulating the opening of locking devices, you need a clammer. There are quite a few types of clips, each group un locks the devices to suit their type of locks. There are clips for cylinder, lever, rail, tubular and other locks, we give concrete examples:

  1. Badges-hooks. These are devices that are based on a thin and durable rod that penetrates well into the keyhole. At the end of this rod there is a hook, an officer in order to cling and shift the pins of cylinder locks.   
  2. Cutoff. It is a device whose working surface has one or several teeth of different sizes. Such teeth serve to raise the Pines, which form the basis of the secret of the castle.   
  3. Curved washbasin. This is a bizarre winch with a curved zigzag working surface. It is used in cases where there is a need to raise the upper and lower foam at the castle immediately.

Cardboards are usually made by hand by pattern, cutting finished products made from hardened canvases for metal cutters. However, workpieces from knifes are still in check for being too fragile. Probably, that's why specialists often turn off the clips from overfiles, treating them properly on the grinding wheel.

In order for the job to be effective with the hotplate, an auxiliary tool is required. Typically, such tools are a set of different sizes. Large screwdrivers are made from screwdrivers, bending their tip at the right angle, and small ones are made of ordinary knitting needles, which bend on both sides.

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