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Today, the building tile is used everywhere. This versatile material is extremely popular largely due to a number of key features and benefits. Variety of different types of tiles allows you to choose the most optimal solution for any of your needs. In this article we consider the features of each of them.

the Entire tile can be divided into a number of categories:

  • wall;
  • the
  • floor;
  • the
  • facade;
  • the
  • cladding;
  • the
  • overhead;
  • the
  • decorative;
  • the
  • sidewalk.

let's Talk about them separately.


tiles has a number of advantages and features, more about which you can learn . Typically, the material is supplied in the form of rectangular plates made of baked ceramic. Suitable for floors, walls, facades, decorative purposes. There are many different designs and colors.

Wall tiles

you Can find lots of variations of textures wall tile that mimics various surfaces. For example, you can create the illusion of marble, wood, leather, cloth, etc. On the rear surface labelled with the image of palm. If you choose the option for your bathroom, make sure that the material has moisture resistance. In the case of a kitchen important resistance to dirt and chemicals.

Floor tiles

Outdoor tiles designed for use at high mechanical loads. The material is strong, durable and easy to care for. Tiles are suitable for different rooms, kitchens, corridors, bathrooms. Here on the back should be the image of the feet.

clay tile

Material used to perform the exterior work. Tiles are used in the process of finishing the walls of residential buildings. It is demanded in private construction and in the restoration of old houses. A variety of textures and colors these tiles are big enough as the size range. Very popular options that mimic natural stone.

Paving stone

For its production is used cement mixture, aggregates and water. The material is easy to install and durable. Tile is not afraid of moisture and high mechanical loads. Temperature extremes it is also not terrible. Using paving slabs adorn the streets, building entrances and similar surfaces.

Decorative tile

the Material is usually made from plaster with various additives. Attach desired color using special dyes. This category includes the background and decorative elements (different inserts). A texture can be brick or stone. Tiles are often used to decorate offices, hotels, exhibition halls, and any residential buildings. The material absorbs water and is therefore not suitable for facades and buildings with high humidity levels.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of types and types of tiles. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and specific applications. They definitely need to take into account to choose the most suitable option for you!

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