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In today's hectic so I want to have the area of security and tranquility. For many, strength from adversity becomes a house. But do not forget that every fortress has its weaknesses. Old wiring is a common cause of fires, damage appliances, and a trivial unstable voltage in the standard panel house. To protect yourself and your property is worth in advance take care of electric watches though automatic circuit breakers.

the circuit breaker is a special device, which includes conducting and turns off the current in emergencies. For example, in case of thermal overload or short circuit. This device is used in industrial buildings and in residential. Such a device is desirable for most homes, and some of it should be by default. It is capable of manually or automatically to disconnect the house, if the situation requires it.

In the market you can find several types of this device. The main selection criterion is the number of phases in the network. At single-phase mains is to select the appropriate circuit breaker single phase. In a situation of accident, the switch denies power supply phase and neutral conductor. That allows you to safely understand the cause of the accident and correct the problem. If you have three phase at home network, you should choose three-phase circuit breaker. He promptly fires all the interruptions and damage or disable one of the phases, it automatically turns off the remaining two.

the Purchase of this product is not just a fad it is a necessity in our world populated by gadgets. If you think that the price of such devices bite, you're wrong. The average price for such products is kept within 4-5 dollars. When purchasing, pay attention to the store from which you purchase goods. A good salesman is the key to product quality.

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