RIS: bilingualism c childhood


English International School (RIS) is an educational center, which includes a training center, school and kindergarten. This institution allow Russian children to get education of international level at home. The school is located in Barvikha village, a kindergarten in the village of Zhukovka Odintsovo district.

The English International School are committed to the highest Russian and English educational standards. Discipline is taught in both languages. In kindergarten and school suceuse two educational programs: Russian and British national.



features small classes, which in turn allows the sheets to adjust educational output for each individual student and assess the level of motivation.

the training is under the supervision of the psychological service, the school uchetilya have a huge experience and also have the highest qualifications. Russian International School actively collaborates with the British colleges and schools, so if a student of this school to have a desire will help him to execute documents and to enroll in a foreign UNIVERSITY or school.

Glavnoy feature of this educational center is an individually-oriented approach during the study. Absolutely all educational processes build relying on the skills and personal qualities of each student. This approach makes it possible to grow a diverse, highly educated person.


c Bilingual childhood

day of school at RIS is 2 block: English and Russian. In both blocks of lessons alternate with relaxation, and sports. In the Russian bloc children in depth study mathematics, geography, Russian language, history, and international unit the emphasis is on English, PSHCE, mathematics, science, and art and design. Thanks to this training approach, the child receives comprehensive development. For all that, exclude the physical and mental overload.


clubs and sections

In the RIS has the following sections:

  • dance;
  • karate and Wushu;
  • football,
  • calisthenics;
  • theatre.

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