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Diet Ducane , today, without exaggeration, is the most popular method of weight loss throughout the world. It has helped millions of people lose weight – by politicians and showbiz stars to ordinary housewives.

popularity diet Ducane is not only that it helps to lose weight, because you can lose weight with the help of many techniques. Its main difference and advantage is that, thanks to her, it is possible to lose weight without the painful feelings of hunger (which protects against failures hungry food) for a long time, if not forever, save the welanny weight.

essence diet Ducane

is the maximum limit carbohydrates – the main perpetrators of extra pounds. According to Dr. Ducane , if sharply onborder intake of carbohydrates lungs, which are the main source of energy, it will vynuzhdet extract them from other places, that is, from the fat stores.

For this purpose, ideal protein food, because, in its processing, it turns out, takes much more calories than it contains.Paradox occurs – we can eat a lot of meat, fish, eggs and other favorite protein foods while losing weight. That is why the slogan of diet Ducane « Eat plenty of authorized products » is so popular around the world, especially amongand fans eat dense, not wanting to lose weight on carrots or cucumbers.

Steps diet

The diet consists of four phases – the first two main weight loss occurs, and the rest solidify Rezareby and healthy eating habits.

The first stage

Step 1 diet Ducane < / span> has a bright name Attack , since, at the time strictly necessary to use protein foods, which leads to a strong andTAKE on fat cells. The first phase lasts from 3 to 10 days and allows you to lose weight by 3 – 4 kilograms. The menu is very strict, no carbohydrates, only meat, fish, seafood and yogurt in any quantity.

The second step

This stage is called Alternation or Cruise , because the alternate strict diet protein days with protein – vegetable. Vegetables are selected according to the table of contents of carbohydrates, eliminating most uglevodosoderzhaschie (potatoes, avocado, peas). At this stage, the weight continues to decline, though not as quickly approximately 1 kilogram a week.

The third stage

After reaching your desired weight, you can move to the third stage, called Consolidate , or Consolidation of . As becomes clear from the title, at this stage, the resulting weight need to securely attach becausethe longest period and are calculated individually depending on the number of lost pounds multiplied 10 times. Thus, the loss of 5 pounds, the result must be secured not less than 50 days, with a loss of 10 pounds – at least 100 days, and so on.

In the menu Phase Binding start posDegree in small amounts, enter employed to habitual diet food – bread, potatoes, pasta, etc. But a strict protein day a week will still need to comply with, it is very important to secure this result.

The fourth etap

The stabilization has no time limits, and, as says Dr. Pierre Duke should last a lifetime. Compliance with it is not difficult, because the period of weight loss, you have become accustomed to the correct malouglevodnomu nutrition and do not want to overeat and lose acquired ease and buildynost.

Under the stabilization phase of weight you can eat familiar food, but do not forget every week to arrange a strict protein per day. In addition, it is necessary to eat bran (2-3 tablespoons per day for a few tricks), drink plenty of clean drinking water without gasand (at least 2 liters), gymnastics and every day, for at least 20 minutes, walk in the fresh air.

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