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Dental care: hygiene and proper nutrition.

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Everyone wantsXia have healthy, beautiful teeth. But it does take a lot of effort, since not all of nature are strong and white teeth. From the elementary rules of hygiene and proper nutrition is very much depends. And they need to follow every day!

Let's look at how you can get rid of part of the visits to the dentist. Let's start with oral hygiene.

Oral hygiene


First , you must brush your teeth in the morning and evening for at least 2 minutes of a good toothbrush and toothpaste with fluoride is desirable. Need to clean with the correctmovement, it is best to ask your dentist to give a couple of lessons brushing. Do not forget about cleaning the language, because it accumulates bacteria. Language can be cleaned with special scrapers or the back side of the toothbrush, if it provides a rubberized coating.

The world of technology and electronics not Stoat on the spot and many people already use electric toothbrushes, you can see the photo to the site Studies have proven that they are better clean the teeth from plaque. These brushes work on batteries or a battery, which is charged by the network.

If you have problems with the gums suitable price which is about twice the average value, these models provided a pressure sensor in order to avoid injury to the gums. And many other useful functions: timer, different modes of cleaning, pulsating movement, which will help maintain daily in excellent condition yourand the teeth and gums. In Ukraine has become a very popular series of professional care from a reputable manufacturer Oral-b. Nozzles for electric toothbrushes can choose different one brush, depending on the desired results. If it is necessary to achieve white teeth - take a bleach nozzle with special polishing get upvochkoy. If you have problems with the gums and teeth sensitivity - it is better to choose a soft bristle brush. There are tips for cleaning hard to reach areas and for cleaning braces and implants. Important time to replace the nozzle: Indicator bristles help in this.

Rinse the mouth with water

Second , forAfter each meal, and the more sugary drinks is necessary to rinse the mouth with water, and even better conditioner. In fact in contact with the sugar in the mouth bacteria living in plaque produce acids, which leads to the destruction of enamel and caries formation. The use of rinse aid that it destroysie bacteria, protects gums and freshens breath. It is worth and flossing, rinse if not completely clean the spaces between teeth. There is a special device irrigator, which supplies water jet for thorough cleaning of the teeth and orthodontic appliances, you can use the massageand gum care. In irrigator pour clean water or rinse.


It is important to monitor their diet. Many people like to treat yourself on sweets between meals. If and eat sweet, only after a meal. Avoid rich products,which adhere to the teeth, every candy that need long to dissolve. It is important to teach children not to Slabko better to replace the candy on dried fruits and nuts, harvest fruit chips. Replenish daily diet cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, bananas, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. &Nbsp; On the advice of the stomapathology, may be periodically guzzle vitamins that contain calcium to strengthen tooth enamel.

Visit the dentist must be twice a year. In addition to the examination and treatment of teeth may be asked to take preventive measures such as hygienic teeth cleaning and fluoride coating-lakom to strengthen enamel.
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