How to choose a women's bag?


Bag is not only useful thing, but also a special accessory that allows you to look stylish and modern, make the image complete. With confidence we can say that handbags has its own fashion, the annual changing and shoes, dresses, coats and other things.

Forms can be quite different, from miniature clutches, to massive round or square, looks like a conventional bag. If the purpose of the purchase is the purchase of the accessory, so to speak, at all times, you should pay attention to more classical models. It is a relaxing color, and not, for example, leopard print. And form should be combined with a strict suit and with jeans.

Small clutch bags are definitely more decorative than practical. However, when choosing an evening option is to think about what could fit in a handbag a minimum of cosmetics, tissues, mirror, mobile phone. Although many modern fashionistas are able to accommodate all of it even in the .

Now in fashion, everything bright, this also applies to bags. Moreover, the coincidence in shades of bags and shoes for a long time nobody pays attention, on the contrary, the current will be the combination of contrasting colors. But do not forget about sense of proportion and appropriateness. A variant of the plaid in the Scottish style or color fuchsia does not fit a business suit.

a Very important factor is the choice of material of the bag. In addition to natural leather in the manufacture can be used: suede, patent leather, textile, artificial leather, fur. Topical solution is the combination of various materials.

it can Also be specifically decorated. As a finish using various appliques, embroidery, rhinestones, ribbons, beads. All this really goes well with jeans, summer sundresses, shorts, unusual forms of dresses, but certainly not a mink coat or a classic black pumps.

Italian designers predict fashion of bags, purses, crocheted cotton, which should be the main attribute of youth fashion. In addition, the stylish corduroy can also be a stylish addition to the image. In any case, welcome minimalism in the decor: the bigger the bag, the less her decorating items, and Vice versa.

became the Most decorated small bags that can fit in the palm of your hand. Obviously, the designers decided, therefore, to emphasize their attractiveness and used a variety of elements: pendants, chains with pearls, rhinestones, large beads.

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