Why people like to watch movies about the war?

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Watching movies online has long been a favorite pastime of many people. One with the favorite genres among the representatives of the stronger sex is . Next, we consider why this genre of men give their preference.


Why do men like a lot of films on military subjects?

  • Men are hunters. According to evolutionary psychology people used to be hunters, and this led to their brain in a state in which they liked to see the weapons, fighting and war.
  • Most men like guns. The brain of a man formed so that most of them like guns, horses, tanks and the army.
  • These films evoke patriotism. Many war films make people feel Patriotic. It makes them enjoy the movie, not paying attention to what is happening the murder.
  • Safe environment of the murder. The ideal scenario for a person to observe the war, knowing that he was safe. The part of man which loves the war, is satisfied, while the moral part is hardly offended, since he knows that it's just a movie.
  • Exemption from aggression. Testosterone provokes a man to aggression. Movies about war and fighters can allow some men to safely release some of that aggression.
  • Men love the action, not silence. Many of those who watch films about the war, I do not like violence. Many of these people like the action, adrenaline and excitement that they experience.
  • Many war films glorify the noble concept. Many war films glorify certain noble concepts (heroism, honor, immortality, sacrifice, and courage).
  • Men like story. Some fans of war movies like the genre because they love nabludat for important historical events.
  • Justified violence. Human emotions are largely dependent on the perception of the events. If someone was murdered, this may not bother a man if he believes that this person deserves death. In most war movies, the killing is justified and is considered from the point of view that makes it a positive development.
  • Identification with the characters. When a person watches a film, he usually identificireba with the characters. The person who is watching a war film, can feel that he is a military commander who saves his country.
  • Enjoy the power. Some men like to feel strong and in control. When a person identifies himself with a certain war hero or a powerful army, it feels more powerful and controlled. This makes the film more interesting for him.

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