English: How to avoid mistakes when choosing?


Now of course study English, there are so many that sometimes to choose a really decent option is very, very difficult. Next, we consider the key points that need to turning their attention in their selection, and tell us about this fellow, school of foreign languages "Interlingua", in which you can go .

what to choose?

in Order to choose their courses in English, you have to visit at least a couple of schools. Thus you will have the opportunity to form an objective opinion on all the courses and decide for yourself which ones directly meet your requirements. The answer to the question: why do I even English? in this sense, is the key. So, if English you need for General personal development, then you should choose classic courses which offer basic knowledge. In that case, when the English you need for any narrow specialization (technical, legal, medical, marine, etc.), better to look for courses suitable direction.

the Following point that need to pay attention is the method of teaching. For example, the communicative method will teach you to speak and will remove the language barrier, but without the fundamental knowledge developed using classic techniques, her effectivnes will be significantly lower. When using this combination will not be affected: neither grammar nor vocabulary or your pronunciation. Well, you will comprehend the new heights and to grow personally. If you just enroll in practicing the communicative method, you run the risk of talking is not clear to interlocutors + illiterate.

a Decent school of learning English is a required license and professional teachers (vypuskniki philological and linguistic institutes or English speakers). A huge plus is they have international certificates confirming their high level of knowledge.

the Most effective teaching takes place in groups up to six people. So the teacher can give each student enough attention, and each of them will have the opportunity to practice speaking.

If, after visiting many schools, and you will not be able to make a final choice - vospolzuytes word of mouth .

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