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Beaver spring, according to historical records, known for millennia, as a substance for the treatment of various diseases. So, mention of this miraculous medicine have survived in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Russia. Indeed, the official medical studies have shown that castoreum has a unique composition and contains many useful chemical compounds that can actively influence the recovery of patients with various ailments, including those with prostate adenoma.

a Brief description of beaver jet

Musk substance produced by the endocrine glands of the beaver (males and females), which are arranged in the lower part of the belly of the animal. Are two pouch to the elongated, pear-shaped. The secret is produced by specific cells of the glandular tissue is stored in sacks throughout the life of the rodent and is used in unfavorable periods, due to diseases, weather conditions and lack of food.

the Healers and physicians of old were made to the effectiveness of a substance in disorders of the urogenital system in men, in violation of potency, and in convulsive conditions, headaches, insomnia, General weakness. Further studies and experiences showed a number of diseases for which musk is not a panacea, but very effective. The secret lies in its unique mechanism of action: activation of its own forces and the human immune system, allowing the body itself is opposed to the pathological processes and self-healing.

the Impact of the jet beaver on prostate

the Occurrence of any problems in the normal functioning of the prostate gland, greatly affects the emotional state of the men. The main symptoms of inflammation, pain and disorders of urination join problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or lack of it during long sexual intercourse, and insomnia.

In severe cases and in case of BPH occur retention of urine, accumulation of pus and other nasty processes that usually require surgery and bring negativity in a man's life. Musk beaver is able to cope with such manifestations of the disease and restore the normal functioning of the male reproductive system. The chemical composition of the substance, among other things, has strong antioxidant properties.

And if in case of BPH Bobrovaya jet can help in combination with traditional medicines, to relieve symptoms of chronic prostatitis can be the only one necessary for the recovery agent.

Along with the basic restorative processes (normalization of hormonal levels, relieve inflammation, removing excess fluid), patients reported improvement in erection. Indeed, the action of castoreum in this case you can compare viagra, but without the use of harmful chemical compounds that affect the pressure level and giving a short temporary effect.

the regimen is simple. However, before treatment you should consult a doctor. Justified the use of the drug for preventive purposes.

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