How to find a good interpreter?

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a Good translator is not just a successful representative of the profession, who ideally speaks a foreign language. What are the qualities of a good interpreter, set him apart from the crowd like him? Below we will discuss some characteristics that often are a prerequisite for high-quality translation and evidence of professionalism, and tells us her employee of the Bureau of periodof "SPRINT", which can be directly ordered .

qualities of a good interpreter:

  1. Language skills. First, it is necessary to remember the high level of language skills, although it is worth noting that the focus is not only on the experience of using a foreign language, but also at the level of proficiency in their native. But there is another point - the ability to translate the text also requires knowledge of cultural context. A good translator must not only understand the source language, but also be able to discover all of the nuances, double entendres, humor, or irony and to transfer them from one language to another.
  2. Good writing skills. It is equally important to have excellent writing skills, as easy to formulate thoughts in words will be useful in the translation of both literary and technical texts. Also very important is the willingness to experiment with words and ability to Express ideas in a concise manner.
  3. Specialization. Another thing you can't underestimate is the specialist skills that include specific domain. Some projects require detailed knowledge of a specific subject, that not every translator can provide to you.
  4. industry Knowledge. Specialist knowledge on the subject is very important, but there are other factors that you should keep in mind. Some of the qualities of a good interpreter also include computer knowledge, a good skills to touch and good manual instruments CAT.
  5. Thirst for knowledge. A good translator, no matter how successful he may be, should not rest on our laurels. Instead, they should try to be aware of the changes and innovations in the industry and their area of specialization. Openness to new things makes the translator more competitive and successful. Curiosity and desire to learn about new developments and innovations also show that he is serious about his career.
  6. self-Discipline and management skills. Specific features of the personality are no less important as the transfer of translation often involves working to tight deadlines related to pressure and stress. That's why good organizational skills and the ability to stick to a routine are mandatory.

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