Why is landscape design important?

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the growth in world population increases the pressure on natural resources. So that our yards were still green and not completely immersed in the world of high technogology, where neither wood nor stone - there is no place and there was prillaman landscaping. Next, we'll talk about why it's so important in the modern world, and will tell us about this employee that is directly engaged them in Kiev.


nature Conservation

People like to live in a green environment full of plants and trees. In large cities, there are still plants and trees built into their planning. But in the modern urban environment more and more often you can see concrete floors and wood decks, but not always plants in the spaces between them and around them.

At present, people are aware of the importance of preserving the environment, and therefore, landscaping is now considered to be more important than before. It provides solutions to many current environmental problems, protects the environment and helps protect national treasures.


Regeneration of contaminated areas

In the industrial cities around the world have problems with pollution, especially if they have forbici and plants that are necessary for economic growth and jobs for people, but are very harmful to the environment.

If the plant is active polluter, he can leave the area unusable for a long time after stopping it and dismantling. These negative effects can be mitigated by landscaping and tree planting after cleaning of the area. A great example of this is the Park of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.


Manage storm water

climate Change and pollution can greatly affect the supply of fresh water in many areas.

a Particular problem poses a danger to wetland as they have a lot of biological diversity, filter storm water and control flooding.

Landscape design protects wetlands and looking for solutions for natural stormwater management.


decontamination of soil and water

There is a huge amount of soil and water that are contaminated and must be cleaned. One way to do this is phytoremediation, which involves the direct use of living green plants for the removal, degradation or containment of contaminants in soils, sediments, sediments, surface water and groundwater. Simply put, plants are used to clean the soil from contaminants.


clearing the air

the Plants and trees, as most people know, produce oxygen, but not everyone knows that they also absorb air pollutants. It helps to filter it and makes it more clean.


plant Care

We all know that plants and trees are very important. Landscape design helps to protect and care for them. The plants can grow, they need quality soil, proper water, the proper level of sun exposure and protection from pests.


Gardens in urban areas

Landscape designers often promoting ideas such as gardens in urban areas as they not only look good, produce oxygen and contribute to the social welfare and nutritious fruit.

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