The difference between helium and balloons


Despite the fact that most people know that there is a difference between the balloons with helium and air, when they are asked what it is, few can explain it. If you are interested in buying balloons with helium or air filled to decorate any celebration and want to make sure that you sledili the right choice, then provided further information for you and share it with us employee online store (by the way, you can different balloons and directly purchase them at an affordable price).


Helium balloon vs. air

the Simple answer to the above question lies in the fact that one type of balloon filled with helium and another with air. However, there are still many other differences as well:

  • Time. Latex balloons filled with helium and having a product of Hi-Float used inside usually remain inflated 9 to 10 hours. On the other hand, filled with helium foil balloons will stay afloat for approximately 3-4 days. In fact, there are some tire brands that will remain inflated up to 3 weeks. However, when shooting outdoors sailing time is greatly reduced, since heat increases the rate at which the helium.
  • Value. Generally balloons are filled with helium, is more expensive than air-filled, but given the fact that they lasted much longer, they are a very reasonable purchase.
  • Decals, graphics & design. One similarity between the 2 types of balloons is that they both can be urseny written messages, graphics and designs. However, while foil balloons filled with helium, have such unique shapes, like dinosaurs, animals, super geroii, etc., there are restrictions on the forms that are available for latex balloons. That is why helium-filled foil balloons is a great success, especially for children's parties.
  • Filling. Latex balloons, which are connected and air-filled, can't be refueled. For comparison, foil helium balloons can be filled with a large amount of helium when they start to deflate.
  • Substance. Unlike balloons filled with air, helium balloons are filled with the colorless and tasteless natural odorless gas.
  • Density. Since helium is lighter than air, balloons filled with this gas, usually rise above.

the best Choice of helium or balloon for celebration

no matter what type of balloon you prefer, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The good news is that both types of balloons have many colors, sizes and shapes, making them perfect for any special occasion. And no matter where they are use for party, birthday, anniversary party, housewarming, wedding, etc.

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