How to replace a cracked mobile phone screen?


Most mobile phones can take good punches, but a cracked screen can make the gadget unusable. Unfortunately, cracked screens of smartphones is a very common issue. Consider that nearly 1/3 of all iPhone users damaged their phones during a 12-month operation, causing damage amounting to 5.9 billion dollars.

fortunately, there are several options for the replacement of cracked screens mobile phone (in more detail ). Next, we consider information on how to replace cracked display on major smartphone brands.
How to replace cracked screen cell phone?
first, it is important to understand that most phones have a separate digitizer and display. When the screen of your cell phone is cracked, in many cases damaged is the digitizer and not the main display. It's two separate parts; however, many repair kits come 2 parts together. Make sure that you purchased the appropriate replacement parts or have ordered the correct service, in order not to overpay for a replacement screen mobile phone.

You can either order a replacement screen of your mobile in a professional service centre for repair of smartphones, or if you have a bit of technical knowledge and hands "grow from the right place" you can do it yourself.

Warning: no matter how you tech, conducting repairs yourself, you always risk damaging your device and, as a result, it will lead to loss of warranty and insurance claims. Therefore, before you attempt to replace the screen of your smartphone, make sure you know what you are doing and consider all the risks.


Replacement of mobile phone screen

Each phone differs, but in General you can take the following steps to replace the screen:

  • remove the lid (you may need a tool for trimming);
  • remove the SIM card and battery;
  • separate the motherboard from the display;
  • remove (and save) any connecting ribbons;
  • remove the screen from your phone;
  • insert a new screen;
  • collect your phone by following the disassembly steps in reverse order.

Obviously this is a simplified set of instructions designed only to give you an idea about the General steps you need to take to replace the screen of your cell phone.

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