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Now many argue on the topic of education. And more people say that can easily buy , and not think about what might have classes to worry about exam and so on. We decided to clarify the situation and either confirm this fact or to refute it. For starters we opted for the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and international law degree . With this legend we will go to those who manufacture diplomas.

first, we found that to buy a diploma you need only select the site you liked the organization, contact the sales Manager or leave a request on the website. Your email address will receive a letter or call you back, and you will begin to discuss the details. But most importantly, you should know what the diploma of the University you want to have, what is the specialty and the year of issue.


the best just for you!

so, when you call in the first company, we heard the refusal. We explained that they specialize in the manufacture and sale of diplomas of technical schools and colleges. They just don't have these seals and samples of signatures of rectors, therefore, to make diploma they can't.

the Following managers said that they are ready to take the order, but it will cost about 26 thousand rubles. While we were assured that all the diplomas they have on the state forms have a number of features. At the same time, we announced that we are talking about the diploma without registration. If we want to have the same, but with registration you need to pay about a few thousand dollars. To wait would have been two days, and a couple of weeks, but we receive the original diploma.

what confused Us was that the guys are omnivores and do everything. Not really it inspires confidence, and we went through the list further. Another company has demanded a Deposit as a guarantee. Well, there's nothing special to talk about, and the conversation with the Manager of the following companies gave us hope. It turned out that they have the form we need of the University. we made the order and three hours later received e-mail layout of your diploma. It should be noted that it is almost indistinguishable from the original.

What you need to do next? And then, if we agree with the layout and approve it, we get ready a real diploma in a few days. Document delivery may be by courier or registered mail, and any convenient for the customer way, usually by Express mail or registered mail.


Fake or not quite?

We have carefully studied the resulting layout and came to the conclusion that if it is a forgery, it's very high quality. But forgery is not called. Diplomas do on state forms that have all the protection, features, colour transitions, series and number. And if we check the diploma in University, then your document on higher education never one cause of suspicion and doubt. But it should be noted that not every University or Institute registers fake diplomas.

But while all manufacturers of diplomas are not only print and signatures, but also the names of graduate work. Conclusion: the Universities know what is happening, but do nothing. I guess they don't need it?


Price of higher education (RUB)

high school Diploma - 12-26 thousand . Printing a copy of the 8-10 thousand

diploma 20-26 thousand Typographical copy - 11-13 thousand

Certificate of secondary education 12-18 thousand Typographical copy -7-9 thousand.

a College Diploma, College -11 -16 thousand Typographical copy - 5-8 thousand

the degree of candidate or doctor of science 35-43 thousand

the Cost of registration of diplomas

Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia $ 9,000

Moscow state humanitarian University. Sholokhov $ 8,500

Academy of social management $ 7,000

Novosibirsk Institute of law $ 5,500

Kazan state agrarian University $ 5,000

Tyumen state pedagogical University -4500 $

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