Which is better: Gripka or tank?


this article will examine the difference between tipki from the tank, which atomizer is best for you.

First consider the conventional tank, as it is marked - RTA. He has a roomy compartment for the liquid, and the bottom is the coil. The tank can be maintenance free with replaceable coils. In this tank it is impossible to wrap your coil and change the cotton. The second type of tanks - serviced, giving Wataru a huge space for experiments with spirals and the type of wool. Tanks are good because you can pour a large amount of fluid. Coopereaza better serviced tanks. There is also the possibility to adjust the airflow and the intensity of impregnation of the wick. The optimal choice of the classes of these atomizers will Ammit 25 RTA - tank on a single spiral.

Tripke, or RDA, tanks differ from their device and design. Gripka has only the camera itself for evaporation and a small bath, it is impossible to pour a lot of liquid, and float all day. The wool must be constantly impregnated with liquid after a few puffs. But no puffs! Because cuspidata at the maximum level, and clouds of steam could plunge the world into a sea of fog. Drimki are only serviced by one or two spiral. Such devices are divided into two camps: those that provide the most flavor, second most a couple. What about blowing, then it is either the bottom or side.

Progress does not stand still, and the best minds in the vaping culture was invented Baldrige or Diplomacy..., RDTA. Logically it is clear that there is taken the best of Depok (taste and pressure) and tanks (reserve liquid). Tucked manure is under cover for evaporation, and the cotton is lowered in through the holes in the bottom of the base. Thus, it is possible to get a cool mix of flavor and vapor, and a supply of liquid in the atomizer for a longer hover without constant reloads.

There is another class of devices that provide a purer taste is Genesis. There is no wick in the classic sense of vaper. Here as a spiral mesh with very small sections and impregnated with liquid. These devices are complicated in the winding and have a completely different device racks. But the lack of cotton entails the absence of its burning and therefore there is no burning taste.

so, what to choose? The newcomer is best suited of unattended tank evaporators, because it is easier to maintain. More experienced Wataru - tipki. Well, the guru of vaping that have tried everything - Genesis will bring new sensations.

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