Medical certificate in the pool: Why is it necessary?

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Regular use of the pool is an excellent method to stay healthy and maintain muscle tone. But when a person comes to the pool in order to buy a ticket to visit him, ask him to present a medical certificate from the hospital. Then the question arises: "why should this help at all? Isn't it another manifestation of paper bureaucracy in our country?".

no. The medical certificate is very important document, which, in the 1st turn, is a guarantee of your safety! Next, we will talk about why it is needed and where it can find it, and tell us about this employee tools, and then click help in the pool.Russia , where you can buy .


Why is it necessary?

Receipt of certificate in the Russian Federation can move smoothly in the tiring process of standing in queues that never end. So most people all ways try to bypass this now. But with the help of visiting the pool is not so easy, because the requirement of obtaining it are specified in the law. And all because the pool is a place where people with increased risk of transmission of various bacterial infections.

Water is the ideal environment for the habitat of all kinds of microbes. Going into it all the contents of the human mucous membranes and the derma are sent, as they say, to float freely. This includes not just particles of dust, and in addition to everything else, and the remnants of dirt from under the nails, discharge from the genitals, etc. Almost all of these organisms die when there is insufficient moisture and the outdoors. You can not say about the pools where they just get into a very favorable environment, while actively traveling on the benches in the changing rooms, the floor tile and the water. Although, in swimming pools and succumb to the cleaning liquid, but there are a huge number of bacteria, which are not even afraid to chlorine, which is why the medical certificate of all visitors, without exception, is the best guarantor of their security.


How to?

To obtain this important document you need to visit a medical facility to pass certain tests and undergo several specialists (required therapist and a dermatologist, and if necessary - and even others).

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