Medical certificate to the pool: What analysis needs to take to obtain it?

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what is swimming beneficial effect on human health it has long been proven by doctors. As a result, almost every town has a sports complex with swimming pools, in which swim fans can do. But in order to use the pool, initially it is mandatory to undergo a medical examination and pass the appropriate tests and if there are no contraindications for health reasons, you will be given a certificate (it is issued to both adults and children). By the way, if you are interested in , then you can order it on the website


Basic tests

In the list of examinations includes those that should guarantee the absence of infectious human diseases. Negative results scraping on enterobiasis, and analysis of feces for presence of eggs of worms are critical, which is why they are directly reflected in the medical certificate. In addition, the number of required laboratory research also includes blood analysis for RW. But in fact the list of studies can be increased in a couple of times.

Responsible for the admission to the swimming therapist, which is why it often to be sure to send people to ECGs, urinalysis and blood to doctors of narrow specialization. Adults must obtain confirmation of the absence of all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases. A specialist like a dermatologist can send a person to the scrapings from the skin, if he had suspected the presence of skin diseases. In fact, the letterhead certificates indicated only 3 of the analysis, but in reality their number can be increased.


the Tests on the help at the pool: How long do they remain relevant?

the Main objective of a medical certificate exclude outbreaks of mass infection from a particular person who is ill. Well, as we all know, health is not a constant that remains the same throughout life. That is why, help in the pool is given for the term of 6 months. Moreover, if the certificate States only the date of issuance, and its validity is not, then it is considered valid three months.

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