iPhone XR: Apple finally makes phones that look good


Tell me, well, who wants to be fashionable and keep pace with technological advances? Probably no such people. But technological advances today, most people associate with all kinds of gadgets: smartwatches, tablets and of course smartphones. And among the latter the leading role is the production of the American company Apple, namely the iPhone, which takes a leading role in the market of "smart" phones in all price ranges.

Someone can tell iPhone all the same and do not look, but after four long and hard years, it finally happened: Apple started to produce phones that look good.


IPhone XR: What is it?

Recently, the tech giant Silicon Valley held its annual event on the iPhone, announcing their latest release premium phones and devices. But while in previous years the line was a predictable procession of muted metal plates, Apple finally announced something different this year - iPhone XR. By the way, https://stylus.ua/ available for pre-order , so that every citizen of Ukraine will be able to get this unique gadget.

IPhone XR is marketed as a cheaper alternative to the new high-quality iPhone XS and XS Max - lower cost , of course, is relative, in this case, Apple is still asking customers $ 749 for the device (well, the value of XS and XS Max starts at $ 999 and 1099, respectively).

the XR should be similar to design for other models of the family X, with the screen almost edge to edge, inscription on top, glass substrate and metal sides. Nonetheless strikingly different, namely the color. The device has 6 different shades:

  1. black;
  2. white;
  3. blue;
  4. white;
  5. coral;
  6. red.

whereas, the iPhone XS is released only in standard silver, space gray and gold. They are the latest in a long line of lackluster devices that do not offer anything for people who were waiting for at least some kind of personalization of the device. The build quality and software on these devices, of course, at the highest level, but they look somehow sad, you can not say about the XR.

From this we can conclude that XR is an acknowledgement that not everyone wants to carry in his pocket a faceless gadget, which is absolutely not expresses their individuality.


iPhone 5c: the Beginning of the experiments with color

Apple has already experimented with a more colorful devices, and the iPhone 5c. This is a beautiful, neurologically plastic device, which was presented in 2014, and looked different than anything offered by Apple, at the same time remaining, in fact, Apple products.

In 5 glossy colours - white, pink, yellow, blue and green - the 5C was a budget series in iPhone range, side by side with the 5S. Its bold finish reminiscent of the old iMac G3, which was released before Apple started to make a fetish of chrome and glass due to the possibility of recovery.

Alas, Apple hasn't updated the device in the next year, eventually replacing it with a Meh-look iPhone SE.



Apple iPhone With XR, it seems, once again awakens to the possibilities of color - and it can't come soon enough.

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