The profession of a translator: What you need to know?


a Translator converts written materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, books, manuals, or documents from one language to another. Also have experts for interpretation, which convert a spoken material, such as: a speech speaker, presentations, testimony, etc., from one language to another. Let's talk about this profession in more detail and tell us about it moderator which directly communicate to the representatives of this specialty.


Translator and language

to be understood in relation to the languages used by translators, I'll call the native language of the translator, as a language And as a foreign languages - B and C.

Language B is a language in which the interpreter can speak, read and write is almost the same as a native speaker.

the C Language is the language which the translator can read and understand like a native, but not necessarily to speak well and write.

Obviously, we all have language And, equally obviously, all translators know the language B. Many translators have more than one language B, and some also have the C language and very few - there are two languages.


the role of the interpreter

Translators are professionals who are also linguists, writers, diplomats, and just educated people:

  • As linguists, interpreters must understand the terminology and colloquialism, treating new developments and to be able to understand the subtleties and nuances of the languages in which they spetsializiruyutsya;
  • Like writers, translators have to get used to working a lot of hours alone on the subject which interests a limited number of people and in a language which few people know;
  • as well As diplomats, interpreters must be sensitive to cultural and social variations in their languages, and be able to solve these problems at the time of transfer;
  • And as educated people, translators should know the basics and some details about the objects with which they are dealing.


the above is an idealization of an interpreter, the image to which the professionals in this field strive and achieve with varying degrees of success. Not all linguists must possess all these qualities in perfection. Nevertheless, they should possess them in sufficient measure to be able to translate your material in such a way that approached their customers.

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