Gear pumps external gear: working Principle, application, advantages


Gear pump with external engagement is known as volumetric units, the principle of operation is based on the parallel rotation of the 2 identical gears in the opposite direction. These pumps are used for pumping clean liquids high and medium viscosity with high pressure (by the way, max life clean lubricating fluids is achieved only by pumping their gear pumps).

One of the most reputed manufacturers of these machines is the Turkish company "VESTAPOMP": , which produces gear pumps external gear wide range of applications.



Gear pumps with external gearing are mostly found its application in the following industries:

  1. Pulp and paper (production of sulfate soap, etc.);
  2. Chemical (for the production of formaldehyde, sintanol, resin, etc.);
  3. Food (pasta, jam, chocolate, dough, fat, cream);
  4. Energy (for the circulation of diesel fuel, fuel oil, transformer oil, etc.);
  5. Petrochemical (for the production of fuel oil, gasoline, oil, bitumen, and diesel fuel).

Key benefits

Many "+" of pumps of this type have made them popular in a completely different industrial sectors around the world. The most significant of these are:

  • Reversibility;
  • Uniform flow
  • high temperature performance;
  • heating;
  • self-priming.

Principle of operation

In case of a gear pump installed 2 similar gears, in parallel, rotating in opposite directions on separate shafts. 1 the pinion with the shaft of the pump is connected with a drive and runs directly through the engine, well, 2nd driven - with the help of 1. During operation, fluid is drawn into the cavity in the zone of the inlet pipe, which are formed by pump casing and 2 the adjacent teeth of the 1st gear, and then transported to the water outlet of the outer circle. The teeth of adjacent gears in the area of the outlet touch and squeeze the liquid into the discharge nozzle directly from the area between teeth.

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