Electronic cigarette: the Mechanism of action, device


Today it has become very fashionable to switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Fans of the pair have teamed up in a whole movement, which is called Vaping. Come to vaping for different reasons: some to get rid of the habit of Smoking, second - to establish themselves in the circle of their peers, others simply want to be in trend.

in an effort to meet the needs of users, e-cigarette manufacturers are constantly improving their devices, offering consumers a variety of devices, as they say on any taste and color.

of Course from its inception to the present day electronic cigarette has undergone many changes, and if you compare the first samples from today, you will feel the difference even quite far from the topic.

in principle, the initial structure of the device persists today, but the design, autonomy and convenience has increased significantly.

For those who are just thinking if he needed the guy, I think, will be very useful to understand how electronic cigarette.

the electronic cigarettes

In fact it is a small kettle, which consists of four main parts:

  • the First component of the power source, which is represented vysokotelym battery for fast warm-up spiral;
  • the Second component is a tank vessel which is filled with flavored liquid and in which is located the evaporator;
  • the Third component of the evaporator, structurally located inside the tank and when heated, generates steam from the liquid;
  • the Fourth component of the liquid for electronic cigarettes, fill the tank and in direct contact with the vaporizer forms a vapor.

the Mechanism of action of electronic cigarettes

the Mechanism of action of this design is extremely simple. A liquid composed of glycerin and propylene glycol in different ratios with the addition of flavor, served on a heated spiral and the result is a dense steam clouds.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural in the device electronic cigarettes and the mechanism of its action there.
is There a need to use an e-cigarette or not, everyone decides for themselves.


Now you have information about the device electronic cigarettes themselves can determine you need it or not, by the way, get qualified information on the device and the selection of new models, as well as to buy electronic cigarette from manufacturers, the online store of the company "DVS": .

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