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the Use of metals in industry and the national economy helps to obtain the most reliable and durable products that can last for a long period of time and under heavy loads. However, such products sometimes are composed of many parts, connected to each other through a variety of technological solutions. It can be riveting or screwing, to ensure a tight connection, and may be welding, which makes different parts practically one.

With all of this is to take into account the fact that the welding needs to occur under certain conditions, so she can ensure reliability of connection and also would be able to last for a long time without breaking. This means that great attention should be paid to the technical part of the question, that is, welding machine, which will be used as a tool.

Modern welding machine operating on the inverter principle, allows to weld most reliable view that will actually ensure all the necessary positive qualities of the connection. He works with a special wire and thus boasts a high-melting-temperature metals, which makes the connection itself is more solid.

the welding Process takes place in this way. First, an electric arc heats the materials to a temperature to their melting point and fed the wire into the cavity between the joined parts. All this is fused together, forming gomogenizirovannykh zone, which has the necessary properties. In the process may participate and carbon dioxide, is necessary in order to quickly cool the weld and thus improve its elasticity.

If to speak about the characteristics of welding apparatus, it is necessary to highlight one of the most important. It is the maximum operating amperage used in the apparatus. In this case it is 200 A, which is enough to run almost all types of welding. This fact makes this device popular in the market. Also this fact is working and the reliability of the device and its low cost. In short, the welding machine of this type perfectly in all respects.

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