Help for the swimming pool: What you need to know?

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We will not open America, when we say that the main problem of modern man is lack of exercise. It seems that, thanks to technological advances, life has become much easier, but on the other hand man has become very small move, and the clock on the span it stays in 1st and the same position (often sitting), do not feel this is absolutely no exercise. In the end, is suffering from musculoskeletal system, and muscles.

But don't worry there is a solution to a swimming pool. Through swimming, you will be able to "unload" the spine and train the muscles. Truth to discover you need a single document - medical certificate 083/4-89.

Let's understand what it is and tell us about employee of the medical center Medikafarm : a website where you can directly buy in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


help in the pool: How to?

Health certificate for the swimming pool is a necessary and very important document because without it the water you just no permit. She is proof that visiting the pool is not hurting socially dangerous disease and no contraindications to diving.

the Simplest way to formalize this document is a private medical center, because in this case you will save your nerves and time. Of course, this help can also be obtained and at the place of residence in the state clinic, but not all people live in close proximity to honey. the institution to which they are assigned . And also scare away many "-" state. of medical institutions.

So ladies do not waste time, many people ask for medical certificate in the pool, in private medical institutions. In order to obtain the document reference will only need to show your passport or any other document that confirms your identity. After that, you will see an internist, a dermatologist, a women gynecologist. If you have everything in order, you will receive a certificate 083/4-89 for a few tens of minutes.

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