Spanish language: How difficult is it to learn?


Spanish, although not the most widespread language after English (Hello Chinese!), but definitely one of the most famous, with the culture and history is as dense as English. If you think about studying it, but not sure whether will master it, then read on. And tell us about the peculiarities of learning the language. employee "ADOS".

the Spanish like their European neighbours

As with many European languages that coexist in a relatively small continent for millennia, between English and Spanish was a significant exchange. Therefore, those for whom native languages are English and Italian, will have a surprisingly diverse vocabulary in the Spanish language.

Spanish is one of the easiest to teach. A study was conducted according to which the novice is also easier to understand the more major languages (those that have more media and are geographically more widespread) because they were simplified over time due to the large number of non-native users, who tend to skip the most difficult parts of grammar and pronunciation. Because of the imperialistic past of Spain, this language was spread over the vast territory across the planet and used this simplification.

Spanish pronunciation and grammar

Spanish language contains some fairly simple rules of pronunciation and grammar. One very pleasant aspect of the language is that it is not something difficult to describe. This language contains only 10 vowels and dittomusic sounds, in contrast to the 20 in English. And its grammar has much fewer irregularities than other languages in the family.

However, it does have some aspects that are alien to an English speaker for example, every noun has a gender, or an abundance of reflexive verbs.

finding the right reasons for learning Spanish language

Find the right motivation for learning Spanish is quite easy. Besides the fact that he is one of the most beautiful languages on the planet, Spanish is the main language in South and Central America.

In a survey conducted a few years ago, 37 % of employers evaluated the Spanish language as useful. This means that fluent Spanish person can easily build a future career, not to mention the fact that it opens the door to communication with more than 500 million speakers around the world.


If you are looking for your first foreign language to learn, Spanish is a great choice, especially for native speakers of English. These two languages had a relationship with each other in Europe for centuries, and this means that they influence each other significantly.

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