What is the pyramid of champagne?


the Slide is constructed of champagne or in other words "pyramid of champagne" is a very popular activity during any celebrations, including weddings. Also, this pyramid is often called the cascade, because make it out of glass glass es that are put on each other. As a result, we have design is like a huge pyramid.

Next you need to pour champagne into the top glass, from where it slowly spreads to other glasses, which are set out below. This is a beautiful sight to not only bring delight but also memorable for all the guests for a long time. So today we will learn with you where you can order this service and how to do it yourself.

How to collect the cascade?

the size of the future pyramid depend on how many guests you plan to invite to your party. By the way, you can do it yourself, but this task really difficult. One little mistake and your glasses beat, and champagne to pour on the floor.

Today there are many agencies that organizes all kinds of celebrations. They can help raise the stage. The same thing can do you and some of the associations of bartenders. By the way, when ordering this service (e.g., the honeymooners) will not have issues that relate to the delivery of glasses, the correct spill champagne, lights, etc. in addition, you can order this service along with barman show, for example, in SPb it is possible to do in "WelcomeBar".


Collect a cascade of champagne personally

in order to hand-make a cascade of champagne should be:

  • first, to calculate the size of the future slides, and how much you expect the glasses in her place. Initially recommend anyone to paint a masterpiece on a sheet;
  • the Place to which you will put the pyramid must have an exceptionally smooth surface. The bottom layer of glass always place on the tray;
  • Starting with 2-layer under each foot of the glass needs to stand 3rd or 4th glass that go from the bottom. Practice for the first time on the devices, made of plastic;
  • Champagne pour only a uniform stream, with start must from the top of the glass. Only then will it be nice to pour at lower levels.

Remember, only you create the atmosphere of your holiday. So I wish that she was not only comfortable, but also pretty unrealistic. Good luck!

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