Ceramic tiles: What to choose?

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a Natural desire of every man in the street during the repair to make it as high quality, and budget. We have the ideal solution for You is tile Golden Tile!


Golden Tile

Golden Tile Group is a number of companies, consisting of:

  • clay mining enterprises Sahistory
  • the
  • Kharkiv tile plant
  • the
  • distribution company Golden Tile.

Manufacturer presents his goods to 20 countries in Europe and Asia through official distributors, working with both wholesale buyers and retail.


Ceramic tile Golden Tile

products of this company are made from high-quality Ukrainian clay with the additives. Manufacturers Golden Tile for the first time used the technology of single firing, which allowed to significantly reduce the production costs and as a result the price of products is also lowered. Choosing tile Golden Tile in Ukraine, You greatly lower your own costs and get the goods quality is not worse than the Italian or Spanish brands. Each collection is developed by experts using high-tech and modern devices.

the Design Studio of the company is headed by Italian specialists regularly study the current market, customer preferences, and are constantly creating new and interesting collection of floor tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, stairs and wall tiling.

kafel-santehnika.com.ua presents more than 40 collections, which include the following types of tiles:

  • Decoration
  • the
  • Wall-mounted
  • the
  • Panels
  • Frieze the

  • Outdoor

Ceramic tile from this company is very diverse in color and the type of surface, a greater choice in the imitations of wood, marble, brick, stone, tile and laminate.


Buy ceramic tile Golden Tile

to Buy ceramic tile Golden Tile in the river is available in our store Tile Warehouse . We have a wide catalog of tile Golden Tile, quality service, and qualified professionals who always advise and help you to choose a product that is ideal for Your purposes.

For the comfort and convenience of our customers we have an online store Tile Warehouse , in which the purchase of the tile is even easier. User-friendly interface and filters will allow you to quickly find the desired and on-line consultant will help in choosing if You still don't know what you want. You can place your order quickly and simply, there is shipping along the Dnieper and other Ukrainian cities.

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