Production of road signs in St. Petersburg

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Where to order traffic signs at competitive prices in St. Petersburg? The optimal variant of cooperation directly with the manufacturer eliminating intermediaries. This ensures the purchase of high-quality goods at the lowest prices. To offer help in SPb can the company MARKS 154 . It is the largest producer, which uses the most advanced technology and latest equipment. Modern technical base allows us to produce print runs of any volume in the shortest possible time.


features of production

To improve product quality and reduce time required to perform the individual operations of the production base is equipped with automated lines. At various stages of production uses specialized equipment. It provides the maximum precision.

as the raw material for the production base of desired size and shape using galvanized steel sheet. It goes through the following steps:

  • cutting blanks of the established form and sizes: rectangular, square, round or triangular;
  • the
  • on the edge of the workpiece held single or double frame;
  • the
  • mask manufacturer. Carefully studied every detail to get the most accurate and clear images. The details of the mask for the convenience of the further installation is made from self-adhesive film. It has light reflective properties. It makes the finished sign is visible even in the dark or in bad weather.

is carried out using only quality materials, which ensures high performance of finished products:

  • high durability and reliability;
  • the
  • resistance to wear;
  • the
  • immunity to external factors: temperature extremes, high humidity, mechanical impacts;
  • the
  • long lifespan.

the base of the sign is made of durable steel sheet coated with a layer of zinc. This makes it resistant to the formation of pockets of corrosion. For the manufacture of parts of the mask film is used, characterized by durability and resistance to fading (from the USA and South Korea). All materials are certified. This ensures long life of the finished products in all weather conditions.

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