Dangerous goods: What is it?

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Dangerous goods (substances) can be a pure chemicals, mixtures of different substances, released products that can be dangerous to the environment, as well as people and animals.

Many products which we know will not bring harm to our health if we do not contact them too often. Packaging of substances such as household cleaning fluids and products for gardening, often carry the so-called risks if accidentally be spilled or swallowed.

similar products are often marked with special symbols that apply only to the dangers of the use of the product itself and does not automatically mean that it is dangerous during transportation.


What you need to know about the transport of dangerous goods?

Materials and substances which are directly dangerous for transport range from those which present obvious risks (explosives and fuming acids) to more common products (pesticides, paints and solvents).

the Transport of dangerous goods regulates, in order to prevent accidents, harm to people, environment, assets, and vehicles. Each mode of transport: air (by the way, if you are interested in air transport of dangerous goods, it can be ordered in the company ), sea, road, rail and inland waterway, has its own rules, and currently they are largely harmonized with the model regulations published by the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

In the Standard rules the UN uses a system of classification, according to which all dangerous items or substances get a grade, depending on the nature of the danger that they directly represent. Let us consider them.


Classes of dangerous goods:

  • Flammable liquid;
  • Other inflammable substances;
  • Toxic and infectious substances;
  • Explosives
  • oxidizing agents and organic peroxides;
  • Gas;
  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosive;
  • Miscellaneous (includes items such as: asbestos, automotive airbags, lithium batteries and environmentally hazardous substances that do not fit into any of the other 8 classes).

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