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Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases, causing great harm to the human body. They lead to overdose, prolonged sing and many other negative moments. The number of people suffering from this disease is growing every year, so an extra withdrawal from binge at home in Moscow acquires its urgency.

Contact our drug treatment center, you can count on a qualitative survey which allows to identify the current state. Alcohol and drugs adversely affects the functioning of our organs and vital systems, so it is important to determine how they are damaged to try to restore.

Doctor psychiatrist in the house in Moscow from the very first minutes of communication with the patient is able to diagnose the existence of dependence. They offers a range of services, the main ones are:

  • withdrawal from binge at home;
  • the
  • removal of withdrawal symptoms;
  • the
  • assistance in case of overdose;
  • the
  • integrated the fight against addiction.

Please note that only the clinic has all necessary conditions in order to quickly come to a positive result. Of course, the treatment can take place at home, but it will not turn out to organize everything required for this. The negative side of the treatment at home stick that the patient always has access to drugs and alcohol, which is not in the clinic. In the hospital the person is under the supervision of doctors, which leads to high efficiency of therapy within the hospital.

Referring to the "First drug treatment clinic" you can count on comfortable accommodation that are very similar to domestic. We have done special attention to patient comfort, because the additional psychological pressure can adversely affect the course of treatment.

drugs that are used by our doctors in the treatment, are of high quality workmanship, safety and high efficiency, as evidenced by the passage of numerous tests.

Certain of our advantage is that every patient is treated individually. We understand that various features of its health and level of complexity of the situation play an important role in addiction treatment.

we Have developed a unique treatment plan that we tailor for each patient, providing the greatest efficiency. Read more about methadone clinic . Working around the clock to ask for help on the phone.

the Mission of our clinic

"the First drug treatment clinic" is a modern mobile drug treatment centers formed to provide effective and quality services related to the treatment of addictions. We provide detoxification, withdrawal from binge, help people in overdose, and more that focus on the overall improvement of the person.

the Clinic was established not long ago, however, over the short period of its functioning, due to the unique methods of treatment, we were able to help a huge number of people. We are distinguished by the presence of several inpatient wards and a huge number of mobile teams of experts, which work in Moscow and Moscow region. - Work allows us to assist at any time of the day or night. Our doctors will arrive at the specified address within 1 hour.

All our actions are geared to provide highly qualified services to those who really need it.

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